These are the things that I use for my business that I can recommend to you.

These are things that I use and pay for. Over time I have become an affiliate for these products, but I still use them and still pay for most of them (at the time of writing but you never know!!).

If you use the links on this page I do get a commission, so thank you if you do. You don’t pay any more though, the companies just make a little bit less!

Luminar 4

I use Luminar 4 to replace the skies in my photos. Now Luminar 4 does lots of other excellent stuff, but as I have all my photos in a Lightroom Catalogue I use Luminar 4 for that one vital finishing job of swapping the sky quickly, accurately and effortlessly.

In my opinion It is worth buying just for the AI Sky Replacement Tool.

Skylum make not only Luminar but also Aurora HDR which is really cool.

You can buy any of their software using my affiliate link here – even better enter my own discount code MCEVOY and you will get £10 off your purchase.

Website platform – WordPress

It took a while but all my websites are now on the WordPress platform. Not the easiest but worth the effort in the long term.

WordPress is free. I use the version, with a separate host.

As I said WordPress is not the easiest thing to learn, and I needed lots of help. Which is where my website hosting company came to the rescue.

Website hosting – Bluehost

You need someone to host your website. Bluehost was recommended to me by someone I trust. Now all my websites are hosted by Bluehost.

And there is one thing that I have to tell you – the online help with Bluehost is invaluable. Bluehost provide online chat help – I can chat to someone who can fix things for me, or tell me how to fix them.

And I have had so many occasions where I have been completely stuck and they have sorted me out. Things that I had no chance of working out for myself.

I even lost my website once but they got it back for me.

I cannot recommend Bluehost enough – I would not have managed to build any of my websites without the frequent and excellent help.

Here is my Bluehost Affiliate Link

Income School – Project 24

I am an active member of Income School, where you get guidance on how to create a full-time income in 24 months from a blog. I am a paying customer and now an affiliate. One thing that is included in your subscription is the super-fast WordPress theme called Acabado. I use this on all my websites.

It is super fast and easy to set up with very few things to change, which is just how I wanted it.

The other massive benefit of being a member is the wonderful community who support each other and provide people like with me little WordPress experience with lots of practical help and support. Between them and Bluehost I have created 4 websites.

You can join Income School Project 24 using my affiliate link. 

My Project 24 Affiliate Link


I pay Adobe a monthly subscription for Lightroom. It costs me £9.98. And I think that this is a bargain. I have been paying for and using Lightroom since version 1 was released in 2007.

All my photos are imported into Lightroom and processed there.

There is no alternative to Lightroom for me.

I use the desktop based version which is called Adobe Lightroom Classic. I pay less than £10 per month on the Creative Cloud Photography Plan for Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you sign up using this link I get a commission. You do not pay any more though.


Lightroom Mobile

This connects to Lightroom so I can edit and share photos from my phone or iPad. And it is free.

You can get this from app stores.


I use Photoshop to remove stuff from photos. I do all my processing in Lightroom apart from this. Photoshop is included in the Photography Plan.


Learning to make money online – Income School

I am a subscriber to Project 24, which teaches how to earn an online income in 24 months.

Here is a link – affiliate link applied for.

Excire Search Pro

I was approached by Excire Search to trial this product, and I am an affiliate member, so if you click on my affiliate link here and buy Excire Search I get a commission.

I have written about Excire Search Pro on my photography blog. I have not paid for this.

Peak Design

I have been using a Peak Design Everyday Backpack for a few years now. And I love it. I have all sorts of other stuff made by Peak Design. If you are looking to buy something from Peak Design you can use my affiliate link if you want to.


I use the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 for video capture using my iPhone. If you have not tried this give it a go. It is awesome. You can buy one using my affiliate link here.

Other affiliate links

On my gear page you will find a list of gear with mainly Amazon Affiliate Lnks. Again this is stuff that I have bought and use myself.

Coming soon.

  • Income School – as above
  • Convertkit – my email subscription provider
  • Canon – my camera provider

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