Steps down between the white buildings on the wonderful Greek Island of Santorini. This photo was taken at the Kasimatis Suites in Imerovigli.
Just the sun above Thirsaia, part of the volcanic Greek Island of Santorini. This photograph was taken from from the mainland of Santorini looking across the caldera
Photo of the view from one of the white buildings of Santorini looking towards the end of the Caldera and Oia
A view of the stunning sunset over Thirasia, part of the caldera of Santorini. Kasimatis Suites offers fantastic views of the caldera and the sunsets which change from day to day in Imerovigli on the Greek Island of Santorini
A stunning sunset photo from Santorini taken from the cliffs of Imerovigli looking towards the town of Oia. A gorgeous glowing sunset and the lights of the town all add to this stunning scene.
Sunrise with clouds below the caldera photographed from Kasimatis Suites. Sunrise and sunset can be different every day, like this surreal sunrise with a blanket of cloud just below the hotel in Imerovigli on the Greek Island of Santorini
This is the view looking towards some of the white buildings of Imerovigli showing the cloud down below and a fantastic sunrise sky. This creates a lovey Santorini sunrise scene
A picture taken as the sun is rising to the east with the cold blue light in the shade. An isolated old windmill is the first thing to be warmed by the morning sun from the East giving the building shape and form. This is a classic stunning sunrise view of Santorini
The spectacular view from Skaros Rock looking towards Fira, the capital of Santorini. Colour is provided by the lovely yellow spring flowers which contrast with the deep blue sea. To the right you can see the volcano called Nea Kameni
Stunning view of Fira and the cliffs of the Santorini caldera. You can really appreciate the scale oft the caldera with this view from Skaros Rock making the capital Fira look tiny and insignificant against the mass of the rocks
The two crosses and the blue domed roof of the Greek Church Ekklisia Profitis Ilias. Architectural photography in Santorini.
The buildings of Fira the captial of Santorini. A mass of buildings, not only white but other colours also give the capital of Fira a unique look and feel. The town is bustling and busy during the day with people staying on the island and day trippers from the cruises all merging toegether
Close up of some of the white buildings of Santorini showing all those closed sun umbrellas
Ferry leaving the Port of Fira and Santorini on a cloudy afternoon with a lovely flat sea and late afternoon golden sunsine reflecting off the sea
Magical view of Anafi at sunrise from the top of the Santorini caldera. This photo has an alomst painterly feel to it, with all those lovely muted blues and a hint of sunrise orange
This is the church on the top of the caldera on the island of Santorini that you walk past on the walk from Imerovigli to Oia
Picture of sunrise on the Greek Island of Santorini, with the view looking towards Imerovigli from the top of the Santoini Caldera. Never before have I seen both cold blue and sunrise warmth in the same image
The flat green landscape of the eastern side of Santorini viewed from the top of the caldera. This photo shows the other side of the island with the lovely green and all those white buildings on the flatter land of the east coast