About me - I will be brief don’t worry!

On location at sunrise in Santorini

On location at sunrise in Santorini

Why should you hire me to photograph your building?

I will try to convince you in 10 short points. Well 10 plus the pictures on my website.

  1. I help architects, contractors, developers and building owners get the photos they need.

  2. I’m a people person and a nice guy. And I am used to dealing with all membes of the construction team on a project.

  3. I am professionally qualified in photography (ABIPP) and construction (MCIOB).

  4. I have over 30 years experience in the construction industry.

  5. I have spent well over 35 years learning and enjoying my photography.

  6. I only work on bespoke commissions.

  7. I only photograph buildings, nice places and buildings in nice places.

  8. I have a good eye for a picture. Well you would hope so!

  9. And I have all my own PPE so I can get on construction sites quickly. And I have a current CSCS card.

  10. I am technically very skilled in both image capture and processing.

If this has not convinced you then please pick up the phone and talk to me. Or email me.

By the way, this is the order I thought of these 10 things. The technical part was the last one. And rather surprisingly there were 10 things!

I need to say here that if you are looking for the photographer who offers you the cheapest price then you have the wrong man. I work on bespoke, individually commissioned projects.

You are not just hiring someone holding a camera when you hire me - you are hiring me, my personality and my experience. And my camera and all that other stuff of course! But most of all a lifetime of experience in construction and photography.

My job is to use my experience, knowledge and expertise to get you the images you want. It really is that simple.

On that point, please feel free to browse the various pages on my website. I won’t bore you with me telling you how good I am at taking pictures – all the images on my website are my own, and are my living portfolio.

I will however tell you that I have well-practised image capture and processing workflows, which allow me to produce images consistently and in my own style. So, if you like the look of my images, get in touch and let’s see what we can come up with between us.

My Photography Gear.

If you are interested in the photography gear that I use check out my photography gear page.


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