What is Rick McEvoy Photography? Who Am I?

Rick McEvoy

Rick McEvoy Photography is me, a professionally qualified, vastly experienced sole trader based in Dorset. Vastly experienced in both construction and photography that is.

I specialise in photographing buildings, nice places and buildings in nice places. And that is pretty much it.

No weddings, portraits, animals, things that move or breathe - just buildings and the environment they are located in.

Architectural photography, construction photography, property photography, building photography - call it what you want, I photograph buildings and nice places.

I will write about the travel and landscape stuff later on this page, and then tell you about me the person, but stick with me if you are interested in the building stuff.

Why should you commission me to photograph your building? Well that’s a completely fair question - let me answer it.

Let’s call this "15 reasons why you should commission me to photograph your building".

1 – I love photographing buildings and overcoming the technical challenges involved in this specialist area commercial of photography. I enjoy creating great photos for my clients. And I believe that if you enjoy what you do then you do a better job than if you do not. Hire me and you are not getting a photographer who wishes that he was at a nice shiny wedding ceremony rather than on a construction site (photographing a wedding is not something that I find appealing in any way).

2 – I am told I am a people person and a nice guy – well it’s not for me to say is it? And I am used to dealing with all members of the construction team on a project. I get construction and construction people. It is where I have spent my working life.

3 - I have over 30 years of professional experience in the construction industry, dealing with clients, customers, consultants and contractors of shapes, sizes and in most industry sectors. I started my work as a labourer for a small contractor and have experience in most construction sectors. I am experienced in new build, refurbishment and demolition works, as well as some very specialist areas, which I can tell you about if you really want to know!

4 – I am professionally qualified in construction, being a current Member of the Chartered Institute Of Building - MCIOB.

5 – I have over 30 years learning and practising photography, with over 10 years’ experience as a commercial photographer.

6 – I am professionally qualified in photography, achieving my Associate membership of the British Institute of Professional Photography – ABIPP.

ABIPP is defined by the BIPP as “A high standard of craftsmanship, including the use of light, composition, Image framing and cropping. Demonstration of good ability in preparing files for print. Increased knowledge for output including the correct choice of printing media.”

7 - I have all my own PPE so I can get on construction sites quickly. And I have a current CSCS card. I have attended more site inductions that I can remember.

8 - I only work on bespoke architectural and construction photography commissions. No weddings, pets or family portraits. I only photograph buildings, nice places and buildings in nice places.

9 – I have two lifetime specialisms which I have combined giving me a unique set of skills and experiences putting me ahead of my competition when we talk about architectural photographers.

10 – I take and edit all my own photos. That is why I am not the cheapest – I do everything myself. This is how I can create sets of images for repeat clients that fit together as coherent image sets. And I have stringent image capture and image processing workflows that have evolved over the years.

11 – I have an eye for architectural and construction details. I am a Chartered Builder so the technical side of architectural photography is where I really specialise, and where I can add value that other photographers are not able to do.

12 – My photography gear is specifically designed to allow me to take photos in tight spaces on live construction sites, on scaffolds, in foundations – I can get around a site hands free. You give me safe access to a place, and I will get you the photos you want.

13 – You can see my work on my website. This will give you an excellent idea of the images that you can expect from me, and also demonstrate the photography that I do, and also by what is not there what I do not do.

14 – I create my own style of images. This you can see on my portfolio pages. Hopefully you will like my style, but if you do not then that is absolutely fine – don’t hire me!

15 – I edit all my own photos using Lightroom and Photoshop using a colour calibrated monitor. This ensures that as well as verticals being vertical colours are accurately reproduced.

That should do for now – if not feel free to give me a call on 07772252186.

Here are the links to my portfolio pages.

Architectural Photography

Landscape Photography

Micro Four Thirds Photography

Travel Photography

And what about Rick the person?

I am a happily married man living in Dorset. One child at home, one abroad. I love my family life, and outside of my family I love cricket, football, travel and photography.

Travel is with my best mate, Mrs M (not the kids!).

5 things you will not know about me

  1. I have successfully summited the highest active volcano in the world

  2. I completed the London Marathon in 2000

  3. I am an experienced scuba diver

  4. I am also professionally qualified in health and safety (don’t tell anyone!)

  5. I am a serial website creator

My Photography Blog

I write a weekly photography blog about a variety of subjects. I write as I talk, so this is a great place to get to know me. And if that is not enough I have my own You Tube Channel where I post a weekly video which accompanies my weekly photography blog post.

I have written a number of articles that should be of help to you if you are looking to commission a photographer to photograph your building or project.

How to commission architectural photography

Photography For Architects – 15 Ways That I Can Help You

Hotel Photography – 10 Practical Tips For Hotel Owners

Travel Photography

Talking of travel, my other photographic thing is travel photography. This is where I combine my loves of photography and travel, so much so that I have created two websites.

Paxos Travel Guide

Photos of Santorini

Check out these websites and you will see the other side of me, the travel side. Paxos Travel Guide also has an accompanying You Tube Channel.

My landscape photography

This is my other passion. I am not sure where travel photography starts and landscape photography ends. Not that it matters.

Check out my pages about places in England




I hope that you have found this information helpful, and I thank you for making it (nearly) to the bottom of this page all about me.

And in conclusion

I need to say here that if you are looking for the photographer who offers you the cheapest price then you have the wrong man. I work on bespoke, individually commissioned projects.

You are not just hiring someone holding a camera when you hire me - you are hiring me, my personality and my experience. And my camera and all that other stuff of course!

But most of all a lifetime of experience in construction and photography.

My job is to use my experience, knowledge and expertise to get you the images you want. It really is that simple.

So, if you like the look of my images, get in touch and let’s see if we can create some great images of your building or project. And while we are doing that we might as well enjoy ourselves – whilst I am the consummate professional I also try to not take life too seriously!

Rick McEvoy Photography is a fully insured, GDPR compliant sole trader organisation.


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