Moving all my images to an external hard drive - a painful process! One more thing

This is important. Once you have completed the transfer do all the things you used to do in Lightroom. You will find the odd thing still needs to be done. And best you find all these things out while you are sorting out all this stuff.

I had to add the new catalogue as the chosen catalogue to sync with Lightroom Mobile. 

Never though of that one! I thought I had lost the facility to sync Lightroom Mobile as there was no indication of how to do this, but I found a dialogue box which quickly sorted this.

So all you do is choose the new catalogue to sync, and then you have to choose the collections you want to sync. And then let it do its thing, which it just has. 

I am going to look into Collections in Adobe Lightroom CC and will write about this in the future. 

This and Smart Previews are transforming my workflow for the better. Much better!

Moving all my images to an external hard drive - a painful process! 2 days on update.

Moving all my images to an external hard drive - a painful process! 2 days on update.

So. The day after the day after. How did it go? 


It’s like having a new computer. Much much faster.

And I have over 600GB of space free on my laptop.

And access to all my images through Smart Previews.

I also have huge additional capacity in my external drive, which should keep me going for a couple of years.

And I imported Monday's shots into my external drive fine, adding the import back up to my laptop hard drive. This is fine and just needs managing as part of my backup regime.

And the limitations of having my images I a separate hard drive? 

To keep my workflow consistent, I need to import images when in my office, where my external drive is. Sure there are other option which I can explore such as taking a smaller hard drive with me and importing to that then merging catalogues later but I really don't need to worry about that for now as most if the time I import in my office. 

The other big limitation is that you cannot take a Smart Preview from Lightroom into Photoshop. I have to remember this and only edit in Photoshop in my office. Again I can live with that as if I am in Photoshop I am normally viewing things on my large external monitor anyway. 

And you can merge to HDR and Panorama using Smart Previews. Oh no sorry just tried that and you can't.

Next is to explore that little known feature of Lightroom in a browser. 

And I am also going to be making better use of collections.  I refer back to Terry White in episode 216 of the grid with the best way of explaining Collections. Think of Collections as a playlist for your images. If you have 10,000 songs, you put them into playlists. You do to listen to them one after the other now?

Thanks for reading this post, which I hope helps those of you experiencing the same issues as me. Now I am going to edit some images on my new speedy laptop! Make sure you pop back to my blog tomorrow at

where I will post one of these images edited as a Smart Preview whilst not connected to the actual physical file! Amazing I have to say. 

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Lightroom cc - Slower than Lightroom 5

Sat here exporting 29 files for a job. Sat here waiting. Problem is my catalogue has been converted to Lightroom 6 so not sure if I can go back to Lightroom 5 which at the moment is much much quicker and more stable.

I feel like Adobe have rushed the CC version of Lightroom without getting rid of all the bugs. I am not exporting large files, but it is taking forever.

I thought that my laptop needed more power, but this is now clearly not the case. Lightroom cc was not ready for release

I am going to contact Adobe and will post an update.

(still waiting for those 29 files all less that 1000k)

Adobe Lightroom cc - First Image

Finally downloaded it. Once you open Lightroom cc from the Creative Cloud app you then have to wait for the catalogue to be upgraded, which is fair enough and doesn't take that long.

Once Lightroom has opened you find the usual features, with the new ones hiding in there too! I dived straight into HDR Merge, and attached is the first image.

The problem I found was that after doing the HDR merge Dell ran at70-90%, making it much much slower, which is hugely disappointing. Maybe I just don't have enough memeroy??

Anyway the first go with HDR Merge (speed aside) was great. There are a few things that can be improved with time and practise, but now I will have a quick go at a vertical panorama, and see if my PC can handle that.