What I am going to be writing about on my Photography Blog in February 2017 – a lot of content in a short month!

I need to plan my photography content blog for February. I say this as January did not go according to plan. Nothing disastrous. Just not according to plan.

So this is what my photography blog will contain in February 2017.

Conclusion of my series of pictures of the shoot at Delph Woods in Poole. And hopefully the conclusion of the article I am writing, although I do believe I might have a technical hitch, which will put this back a little bit. But this technical hitch, which I will write about once all the images have been published, is a good learning experience.

Collections are still an issue.

I need to get my Dorset Photographer web page completed and uploaded.

I might make this Dorset Photography Month.

Well why not? I have the pictures of the woods to complete, and the words to accompany my first photography article.

So February is now Dorset Month.

And if that is the case I now declare March to be Hampshire Photography Month – I have lots of similar tasks to do with my Hampshire Photographer work as I do for my Dorset stuff. And I have some great pictures of a National Trust location I have recently discovered.

And also “Clear out my draft folder of blog posts” month – I know – not quite so snappy but still needs doing. There will be a lot of posts in February. Really, lots.

For my Dorset Photographer web page I need to complete the text and 12 images. I am nearly there with the images, and the test is in draft, so this is definitely achievable in February.

And there is something else I am itching to write about – my new camera bag – the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag.

Finally, I need to go back through my plans for the monthly schedule of content on my photography blog, which I wrote about, and do something with it to make it easier for me to follow. It is one thing coming out with plans, another actually doing them!

And finally finally, I need to produce the following regular features

  • Image of the Week
  • Image of the Month
  • Lightroom Quick Tip
  • Photoshop Quick Tip
  • Photography Terms Explained

That is quite a lot in a short month. Best get on with it!

And then there is the new template of my website.

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Wednesday 1st February 2017

My new Hampshire Photography Page - my process for producing a new web page

This post is all about my new Hampshire Photography Page, and in the next 12 days I will be posting and writing about these 12 new images.

A new page. 12 new images. Something I enjoy doing. Assembling 12 pictures of Hampshire for my website.

OK - I am excited to be doing this.

I recently revamped my Dorset Photographer page, which you can get to at www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/dorset-photographer, and am now doing the same thing to my Hampshire Photographer page, which you can access now at www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/hampshire-photographer and see what is there before I begin the update. If that makes sense?

I will post the new images on a daily basis, and then once that is done I will update the page and the text.

I do it this way so I can concentrate and produce a logical collection of images that are Hampshire to me. I also want text for each image (and to be honest back of house SEO work), all tied up.

Yes, I want everyone to see my lovely Hampshire photography work, but I am in business so I do need to get work out of my website, or my shop, as I like to think of my website.

One dilemma I had was which way to go with the image sets themselves. Which images to include, representing what?

Option 1 was to go with location specific urban shots of Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, Andover (apologies if our town is not in this list – this is just the places I go most often in Hampshire).

Then I thought about that. And decided that no, these locations could each be pages of their own in the future, so I have decided to put together a collection of pictures of Hampshire, which to be honest could have been taken anywhere in Hampshire, but are representative of the countryside in this lovely county. An inland collection if you like.

My Dorset Photography collection was mainly coastal, my Hampshire Photography collection will be mainly inland.

So that is it. And the process begins with a new Lightroom Collection which I will add to over the coming fortnight.

Thanks for reading this post, and please come back to my blog tomorrow for Hampshire image number 1.


Welcome to my brand new Hampshire Photography page.


On this new page on my website I feature a new collection of 12 of my favourite pictures of Hampshire. I also write about the images on this page, and will write in more detail on my blog over the next fortnight all about these images and my work as a photographer in Hampshire.


This is a brand new selection of Hampshire pictures I have taken, put together in May 2016, having recently done the same for my Dorset photography page with great success. You can get straight to this page at the following link www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/dorset-photographer


I have decided to include a set of 12 landscape photography images. A set of images which are not location specific, but together represent for me the county of Hampshire. I have a commercial photography portfolio, featuring my architectural, commercial and industrial photography work. I now have a separate landscape photography portfolio, featuring by best current pictures of Hampshire and also of Dorset.


These landscape photography portfolios are the basis of some new products I am working on, which I hope to launch in the Autumn of 2016.


So back to my new Hampshire Photographer page. That is what the URL for the page is – www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/hampshire-photographer.


I have other pages on my website that showcase my commercial photography work, so this page of images of Hampshire is more of a personal collection of work.


I will be producing separate pages showing my photography of Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke and other urban areas in the county. And of course I have separate pages for my commercial work.


All this other stuff means that I can produce this web page just for my Hampshire photography work. So the pressure is off and I can produce a set of 12 images that I like, and hopefully a set of images a bit different to those of other photographers in Hampshire.


Pictures of the New Forest feature quite prominently, obviously a very popular location for lots of other Hampshire Photographers, but hopefully my collection is a bit different.


The images selected are as follows, in no particular order;


Richards Retreat

A bit self indulgent? Yes. But I saw this scene and it made me smile. I guess the New Forest is a retreat for me from day to day stuff, one of my favourite places to go with my camera and find something new. This sign was clearly meant for me so has to be included! A nice gentle picture of Hampshire. This was taken on my Canon EOS 5D, 1/60th second, F4, ISO400.


Yellow Field near Hambledon – the dramatic ground level view.

One of my absolute favourite Hampshire landscape photography shots, taken in May 2016. After concentrating on the high views looking down, I decided to go for a change of angle, this shot being taken by me holding my camera just above the ground. I wanted this effect, with the opening in the yellow leading the eye into the picture. A vibrant blue sky helps, with a band of white cloud framing everything. Taken using live view, 1/1250th second, F8, ISO400, 17mm on my Canon 17-40mm F4L lens on my Canon EOS 6D.


Yellow Field near Hambledon – the dramatic high level view!!.

The same field, the same day. Taken from a height of about 4 metres looking down on the field (to find out how keep checking my blog at www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/blog where I will eventually reveal all). This is the shot I stopped for and wanted to get. The first image is the bonus, this is what I was actually looking for. Not quite aerial photography material, but getting there. Canon EOS 6D, 17-40mm F4 L Lens, 1/2000th second, F8, ISO400. This is one of my favourite Hampshire images, so pleased to get two great shots at the same time.


The New Forest – look up in the winter!

Looking up from the ground, trees all around, a deep blue sky, white fluffy clouds. Doesn’t really matter where this was taken, but it was in the New Forest. The key to this composition was to look up, and also use an ultra-wide angle lens to get this view. Taken on my Canon EOS 6D, using my 8-15mm F4L fisheye zoom lens, at 15mm. 1/1000th second, F8, ISO400, lying on my back.


The New Forest – look up in the summer!

Different location. Same idea. Same lens. Same viewpoint. But completely different colours. A big mass of summer green, a splash of blue and the sun up there somewhere. The same but different – that is the beauty of photography – the endless possibilities. Again taken on my Canon EOS 6D, using my 8-15mm F4L fisheye zoom lens, at 15mm. 1/8000th second, F8, ISO400, lying on my back. Virtually identical settings!!


Bracklesham Bay Beach at sunset

Bracklesham Bay. A great Hampshire coastal photography location, especially at sunset. I deliberately framed this shot to get the timber groyne prominent in the foreground, but could only fit in a bit of the sky. The main feature in this shot though is the water, which I managed to capture like this using a 30 second exposure, F11, ISO50 on my Canon EOS 5D with 17-40mm F4L lens. I was hoping that I would get lots of colours in the water, which thankfully I did.


Bracklesham Bay at sunset


Same location, same exposure, different viewpoint. I framed this shot to make the timber groyne lead your eye in the same direction as the dramatic sky. I like both images taken at this location, only 6 minutes apart, this image being captured at 7:31pm to be precise. I love the colours, the flat water, the calmness and the glowing feeling of this lovely sunset image.


The New Forest – this is what it looks like all over the place!!

Paths forming leading lines. Nice. Something conventional in my collection of Hampshire photographs. This was taken using an elevated height of 5m, giving a different viewpoint making the composition unusual and interesting. Nice white dreamy clouds, greens and yellows on the ground all under a blue sky make for a nice New Forest picture. Exposure for this shot was 1/200th second, F8, ISO 400, Canon 6D with 17-40mm F4L lens at 19mm.


Misty Leafy Track – a lovely composition and feel to this shot

Another case of seeing a scene when driving one misty November morning. Not a typical Hampshire photography scene by any means, but a lovely scene all the same. I am always looking for interesting scenes to photograph, but don’t always have the time to stop and take photographs - however on this morning I did thankfully. Not that it took me long. This is the scene I saw, I just walked up the track, took three shots then got back in the car! It doesn’t always work like that but I am delighted with this image. 1/1250th second, F8, ISO 400, Canon 6D with 70-200mm F4L IS lens at 155mm focal length.


Sunset just off the A31 at Pickets Post – striking winter sunset

Driving back from a day on site I came across this evening scene. Driving down the A31 back to Dorset at 5.40pm I could see the sky ahead doing this, so I stopped at a car park in the New Forest just off the A31 by Picket Post, and got this shot which I love. I included the tree as the bareness of it contrasted with the warmth in the January sunset. 1/640th second, F8, ISO640, Canon EOS 6D with 70-200mm F4L Lens at the 70mm short end of the zoom range.


Low sun cutting across trees in the New Forest

Back on the A31 one evening, with the sun cutting across me, I decided to see what these trees looked like. I know the New Forest well, so can quickly get to locations that capture what is happening with the light. This was no exception. I do like different photos of Hampshire like this one. The low winter sun was literally cutting sideways across the landscape, and I knew these tress would provide light and shade to capture this dramatic evening light. 1/100th second, F8, ISO1600. Canon EOS 6D, focal length 31mm on my 17-400mm F4L lens.


Trees with the light catching in them

The last of my Hampshire photos. Something different for me. Another scene that caught my eye. It was the direction of the light through the trees that literally caught my eye. This shot has also made a great black and white image, where I have pumped up the contrast. This shot has a lovely warm fell to it. Processed very simply in Lightroom only. This shot was take using my Canon EOS6D, 70-200mm F4 L Lens at 70mm, 1/250th second, F8, ISO200.


That’s all from me, Rick McEvoy Photography, Photographers Hampshire (sorry but I do have to get some SEO value out of my text!).


Please subscribe to my blog at www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/blog where you can keep up with me and my daily photography ramblings. Yes I do post to my blog every single day of the year, and this is the best place to go for news and updates about and from me.


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Dorset Photography Collection - one final thought - check what your images look like on other devices

This applies to all images that you are going to share/ sell/ publish/ give away.

Check them on another device. How do they look to others???

I have just done this and a couple of my Dorset landscape photography shots were, to be perfectly honest, too dark.

They look absolutely fine on my 24" fancy studio monitor.

But this gallery collection is not for me - it is for everyone else.

I check images on my Iphone, and also on other peoples monitors at their workplaces - it is vital that I know what they are seeing, not what I am seeing in my controlled environment.

IPhone and Ipad screens are very accurate, and a good gauge of what an image should look like. Dont worry about the white balance though - you need to get this right in a controlled environemnt as Iphones/ Ipdas are viewed in all sorts of light which will impact on how the image appears to the person viewing the image - the colours will reflect the light around them.

Hope this quick photography tip will help you on this Saturday morning - no image today as the construction photography shoot is with the client for proofing/ approval.

That lovely Dorset field shot - rich deep vibrant colours under a moving sky

Field by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

Field by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

This is image number 11 for my page dedicated to Dorset Photography. A picture of a field near Winterbourne Abbas, outside Dorchester on the A35 to Exeter.

Now believe it or not I have photographed this field a lot. It is not one of your classic Dorset pictures - it could be anywhere, but no I like it as it represents part of Dorset to me. Dorset landscape photography is not just landmarks, for me it is also the details within the overall landscape as well.

I like the textures and shapes in this field.

I have delibarately added a heavy vignette to this shot, as i wanted something sytlised to go amongst the othe pictures of Dorset. Something a little bit different.

The common theme running through all my pictures of Dorset I have just realised is the richness and depth of the colours within each image which I like a lot.

Thats all from me for today - I must go and get another lovely rich Dorset image to make up the set of twelve pictures of Dorset, which I will post tomorrow, then it is back to my portfolio via a number of Nik software related diversions!

Call back tomorrow at www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/blog for Doset image number 12

Atmospheric photograph of the Cove Fish shop, Lulworth Cove, Dorset - Dorset Photography Image No 10

Cove Fish, Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Cove Fish, Lulworth Cove, Dorset

So here is the shop shot, of the Cove Fish shop down at Lulworth Cove in Dorset.

An older image, December 2014. One that I have breathed fresh life into. I like the end result.

Here are the before and after images.

Before we have quite a dull, lifeless image. What is interesting in this shot? The shop face and the path leading into it.

So this was worked on in Photoshop. Using a combination of the spot removal brush and clone stamp I removed some of hte power lines, and the boat and other distractions to the left. Everything else was done in Lightroom. I brightened the shop and darkened the surroundings.

This is how I tend to work - I start with global adjustemnts in Lightroom, then local adjustments, finishing off with cleaning up the image in Photoshop.

Thanks for reading this post - please let me know if you want the Lightroom settings for this image. Tomorrow I will post the next image for my Dorset photography page here on my blog, which you can get straight to at


New Dorset Photography Image set - how I came up with the set of 12 images


As part of my portfolio review I came up with sets of 10 images as well as my main body of commercial photography work.

These are mainly recent shots, and some re-edits of older shots.

I already have pages specifically for Bournemouth, Poole and Sandbanks, so my Dorset photography page is a collection of pictures of Dorset - images not in one of those three areas. Hope this makes sense?

You can access these other pages at 

Bournemouth photography


Poole photography


Sandbanks photography


But back to my new set of Dorset images.

Well firstly there are 12. Not 10. Why I hear you ask?

Well 10 does not work on my website. I have gone with a grid layout for the first time, so four rows of three is the order of the day here.

So I start with 10 images.

I ditched one shot of Corfe Castle that I no longer like. Thinking about it, what was it doing there anyway?

So down to 9 now. First replacement is the shop shot. I will write separately about these images over the next couple of weeks.

So two more images to find to make my set of 12 Dorset photos. Pop back to my blog tomorrow at


to find out which are the two additional images for my Dorset Photography web page.

Oh yes - before I go - sorry I forgot. 

Lightroom Collections. 

I will say it again. Collections in Lightroom are just the best thing to work with, and unlock Lightroom Mobile and all that goes with it. I did not get collections for a long time, but once you get into them and the mobile part of it you will learn to love them just like I have. So now my Lightroom Catalogue (I need to merge two catalogues back together so I have one complete catalogue again – a legacy from my hard drive problem) filing needs some attention. Another subject for a separate post – I currently have my filing in folders with some catalogues.

Also remember that storage in Collections is unlimited, and combine that with Smart Previews and you have a very powerful mobile package which syncs back and forth. 

Collections and Lightroom Mobile have literally transformed my mobile workflow. 

Portland, Dorset - a warm, calming tranquil landscape photography image

Portland, Dorset - a warm, calming tranquil landscape photography image

Portland, Dorset - a warm, calming tranquil landscape photography image

Another of my absolute favourites, photographed from the Ringstead Bay area (before I had my Canon 6D with GPS).

Another picture of Dorset that speaks for itself.

One more photo later on my blog at


but you can always go to my Dorset Photography page at


for 10 of my favourite pictures of Dorset



Photographic therapy - a new image of a lovely warm tree lined road with golden sunlight in Dorset

Golden morning light in Dorset

Golden morning light in Dorset

Photographic therapy - a new image of a lovely warm tree lined road with golden sunlight - more new Dorset Photography

I took this shot last week. This is the quick edit. After the trauma of my catalogue transfer last week I just had to shoot something and process it quickly.

And unusually for me this shot was taken on my 70-200 F4L lens.

I used the telephoto lens as the wide shots were ok but not doing it for me, so I switched lenses. 

Exposure was 1/160th second, F16, ISO400. Why F16? I forgot to change the aperture when using the wide lens. No matter. 

Focal length was 200mm. 

And the reason I like this shot? 

The compressed view you get at 200mm suits this subject really well.

And the viewpoint. High, camera held above my head.

I pre-focused using back button focus, then held the camera above my head, framing using Live View. These little tricks help produce different views from different angles giving different and hopefully more interesting images.

I also enjoy trying out different things and have just bought a new piece of kit which I am looking forward to using when it arrives. I will let you know as soon as I get it, and the accompanying accessory that is needed to give me a new angle on things!

Returning to this brand new image I am going to do some more work on this image in Photoshop - I have ideas about what to do to get this image to where I want it to be. This is another part of professional photography which I enjoy. Creating. Having ideas, seeing things, photographing them and then turning them into something. This is another reason I hope why we professional photographers can provide that something extra to our clients, with the creative side of our work coupled with the technical capabilities to bring these creative ideas to life. Creative photography - this is what it's all about.

As soon as I have the finished image I will write a further post explaining the whole process including before and after images.

And I have just had another idea for this image – something completely different which I am looking forward to working on.

Until then, please keep coming back to my blog at


and my Dorset photographer page at






My all new Dorset Photography Page - Post 2 of 2

Welcome back to my Dorset photography web page update. A remoinder, you can get to this page directly from this link


And don’t worry if there are no images specific to Bournemouth, Poole or Sandbanks – they have their own pages which will be receiving the same treatment as my Dorset photography page shortly. You can get to these directly using the following links

Bournemouth photographer


Poole photographer


Sandbanks photographer


I have a couple of other pages dedicated to Dorset in my archive section – a Dorset Photographers page


and a Dorset Photography page,


These are very much archive pages which I have retained only for the SEO significance – I went a bit mad and obsessive with the SEO to be honest.

But back to my images. There are lots of photographers in Dorset. And lots of photographers who visit Dorset. I am very fortunate to live here. There are lots of great Dorset images out there, so I try to produce images from less popular locations.

And Durdle Door of course. I can’t be that arty and self righteous after all.

So there you have it – my photographers Dorset page will be all bright and fresh and new in the next couple of weeks – please keep coming back to my blog at


where I will post each picture as and when chosen and write about it.

Footnote to this post

OK so to be honest there are a couple of keywords which I could not easily work into the text, which are

Photographer Dorset – a tricky word to work into a sentence.

Commercial photographer Dorset – another tricky one, but one that is used quite a lot in Google searches so here it is.

The rest are nice, natural phrases that have just been included organically in the text.

Dorset Photography

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