How do I organise my images in Lightroom? Problem number 1 in my attempt to sort the 3116 images in my Lightroom Catalogue from 2008

I set all the images as rejects in the 2008 Collection. I have removed that flag. There are a couple of reasons why.

Firstly, I guess I am impatient. When I have decided I am going to delete some images I want to do it there and then. And I do not want to decide to delete some images then find that I have lost the selection later.

There is no way I can delete the rejects out of 3116 images in one go at the end.

So I have removed the rejected flag. And now I am back to pick or reject, or on my IPad swipe up to pick and down to reject.

Another issue was that it took a while to get rid of the first 200 images. I had decided that 200 images needed deleting, but could not hit delete as all the other pictures from 2008 were selected as rejects, so I went to the first image I had not reviewed, and then scrolled down to the last image and selected all of these and removed the reject flag.

That left just the rejected images which I had decided were rejects.

So my plan did not work.

Which is fine.

We all have to try these things.

And now I am going to continue with my image culling. I am going to work by logical collections of images, say of a trip, or a single shoot. Just do them one by one, then hit delete.

And that way I will go through this big chunk of my Lightroom Catalogue in a logical order, breaking the task down into logical manageable chunks.

My target is to reduce the number of images by a half, and to have 5% of images to edit out of that lot.

This will mean I am going from 3116 images in no order whatsoever to circa 1500 images sorted, rated and keyworded, and no more than 75 images to edit.

That is my target, lets see what happens.

Sorry that this seems to be dragging on, but this is something you only do once, and is rather important!

Rick McEvoy Photography – lost in Lightroom!

Wednesday 14th December 2016

Dorset Photography Collection - one final thought - check what your images look like on other devices

This applies to all images that you are going to share/ sell/ publish/ give away.

Check them on another device. How do they look to others???

I have just done this and a couple of my Dorset landscape photography shots were, to be perfectly honest, too dark.

They look absolutely fine on my 24" fancy studio monitor.

But this gallery collection is not for me - it is for everyone else.

I check images on my Iphone, and also on other peoples monitors at their workplaces - it is vital that I know what they are seeing, not what I am seeing in my controlled environment.

IPhone and Ipad screens are very accurate, and a good gauge of what an image should look like. Dont worry about the white balance though - you need to get this right in a controlled environemnt as Iphones/ Ipdas are viewed in all sorts of light which will impact on how the image appears to the person viewing the image - the colours will reflect the light around them.

Hope this quick photography tip will help you on this Saturday morning - no image today as the construction photography shoot is with the client for proofing/ approval.