Richards Retreat - yes there really is a place in the New Forest for this Hampshire Photographer!

Richards Retreat by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer  

Richards Retreat by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer  

Richards Retreat - my own personal New Forest Hampshire Photographer  Enclosure. I wish!!

A bit self indulgent? Yes. Completeely.

But I saw this sign and it made me smile. I guess the New Forest is a retreat for me from day to day stuff, one of my favourite places to go with my camera and find something new. Discover some new Hampshire Landscape Photography locations. This sign was clearly meant for me so has to be included in my collection of images of Hampshire.

This picture was taken one late November afternoon some time ago now, back In the day when I had Adobe Photoshop 10 I seem to remember, but had no clue how to use it. 

I was a Lightroom 1.0 user, starting my digital photography endeavour when Lightroom was unleashed onto the world by Adobe. Before Lightroom you had Photoshop. 

I can't imagine a world without Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (to give its full title) now.

But back to this, one of my favourite Hampshire pictures. 

And here is the strange thing. I was meant to be writing about this picture of Hampshire,!m but ended writing the following about yesterday's image.

I must be tired..... 

"It was literally just a case of looking up. I was travelling through the New Forest, and stopped as I saw something interesting. The something I saw was the light changing and the clouds moving. It was very striking through the winter trees, so I got out of my car and walked. I took a few shots which were average at best, and was on my way back to the car to get a different lens when I stopped and looked up. 

Th sky was constantly changing, with quite a strong wind moving the clouds and the sun was in and out, so I did the obvious thing and  looked up, liked what I saw, and took this picture of Hampshire's New Forest.

 I have said this before and I will say it again - if you want to improve your photography go out and take photos."


I kept this text in this post as it is all relevant and true to my Hampshire Photography work, but is nothing about the image above! 

So what do I have to say about this image? 

Its all about me. That's it. No more. 

Technical info for this shot.

This was taken on my Canon EOS 5D, 1/60th second, F4, ISO400, 67mm focal length on my Canon 24-105mm F4L lens. AV mode even back then!


Trees. The great looking up shot I took in the New Forest, Hampshire

Trees. The great looking up shot I took in the New Forest - Hampshire Photography

Trees. The great looking up shot I took in the New Forest - Hampshire Photography

Always liked this shot. This New Forest picture prompted me to buy a groundsheet so I can, erm, lie on the ground to take photos.

Not used it yet to be honest!

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9 Trees. I couldn't resist this intriguing montage of one of my favourite shots

9 Trees - a photo montage by Hampshire Photographer Rick McEvoy

9 Trees - a photo montage by Hampshire Photographer Rick McEvoy

A bit of fun for a Saturday. Using the layout app for Instagram which I have had avery quick play with. 

The things we can do with our images seem to be endless. This is like I say a bit of fun but if you take some time and think about it for the right image you can really produce something interesting and creative. 

This was a shot taken in the New Forest, Hampshire. Hampshire photography. Patterns. Colours. Love it.

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Tree sunset shot taken at Picket Post in the New Foreset, Hampshire


Sunset, Picket Post, New Forest, Hampshire

Last post from me for today. This shot was taken this week, following a very brief diversion off the A31 driving through the New Forest this week.

As someone once said, Scott Kelby I believe, if something grabs your eye stop and see what it was.

It was the sky in this case. The sunset. I literally pulled off the A31, parked up just down the road, stopped for 5 minutes and then the moment was gone so quickly.

I had time for a quick look around, took some wide shots, then went to the tree, and I managed to capture this. The tree makes the shot for - that and the sky of course.

Together they make a really captivating image, which I have to say I think I photographed rather well. Of course I would say that. But seriously, let me know what you think of this image. It has a nice feel to it, and I love the depth of colours and the textures within the image.

Taken on my 6D this time with my 70-200 lens. I took a couple of wide shots but they were rubbish to be honest. But after a quick change the telephoto worked much better.

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Trees in the New Forest - a great view looking up!

Trees, New Forest, by Hampshire Photographer Rick McEvoy

Trees, New Forest, by Hampshire Photographer Rick McEvoy

I love this image of the New Forest. I have posted it before but like it so much I am posting it again! 

This is one of my favourites shots of mine, taken in the New Forest in Hamsphire (GPS co-ordinates available from my Canon 6D if required!). Which is an interesting point. The fact my fantastic camera has built-in GPS  means I can revisit this exact location and take another shot at a different time of year and in different weather.

I think I'll do that. Sounds great. 

This shot was taken at 1/1000th of a second, F8, ISO400, with a focal length of 15mm, hence the wide view. 

Next time I will lie down on the floor, using my latest photography accessory - a £5 groundsheet. 

One of my other favourite photography accessories is a pair of stepladders. 

The point is - to get interesting shots you need to try all the angles, up down, left right, looking up, down, sideways

etc, etc

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New Home Page Image - Trees

I have updated the images on my home page. This is one of my favourite shots, taken in the New Forest, Hampshire. I like it so much, it is image number one.

This image has impact, and lots of bright blue colour. The composition is striking and eye-catching. Something different.

I often drive through the New Forest, and when I stop for a break and explore the forest I now spend more time looking up for unusual views like this one than I do looking around me!

This shot was taken with the Canon 8-15mm F4L fisheye zoom lens, at the 15mm focal length. I find that this lens is in effect an 8mm circular fisheye lens and a 15mm ulta wide full frame fisheye lens - 2 lenses in one. I haven't found a use for 9-14mm to be honest, as the 8mm end results in a full circle around the image, as a true fisheye lens should, and the 15mm end is the full image, and anything in between is just that. Having said that I must give the other focal lengths on this lens a go in the name of photographic experimentation.

This shot was taken on my Canon 6D, handheld, RAW format, 1/1000th second at F8, AV mode, ISO 400. Processing was done in Lightroom 5. Looking back in the Develop Module of Lightroom I did minimal processing to get this fantastic result. This is one of the many great features of Adobe Lightroom - non-destructive editing and you can always go back and see what you did and change things whenever you want without affecting the actual image file itself. This is not the case with Photoshop and other editing software, nor with the Lightroom plug-ins that I have tried.

I am a professional photographer working in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire