Photography Quick Tip - Gaffers Tape

I always have a roll of gaffers tape in my camera bag. This tip came from Scott Kelby. I can't take credit for this one. 

Wrap some gaffers tape round a tripod leg. That's it. Simple. Genius. 

Thank you Scott Kelby.

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Saturday 15th October 2016


Photography quick tip - how to get that starburst effect in your images when shooting straight into the sun

I like the starburst effect. Take this photo as an example.  This is my photography quick tip for this week.

Sun bursting in - interior photography with rays of sunshine

Sun bursting in - interior photography with rays of sunshine

I photographed this image using the maximum aperture of F22. This is how you get the starburst effect.

Is it cliched? Overdone? 

I don't think so. I think that for an interior photography image like this where the sun beaming in through the window is a big part of the story of the space I am photographing then I think it is absolutely fine. 

Like all these things, it can get overused, but use it every now and then in a way that enhances an image and it is just fine in my opinion. 

I rarely get to photograph directly into the sun when I am doing commercial architectural photography.

For this shot I knew where the sun would be, and I knew the effect I wanted. The image was taken in a Poole in Dorset, which I know very well. 

Now I am on the subject I think I will dig out another sunshine shot that I took recently.

If you pop back to my blog in 10 minutes it should be up there for you to look at

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Friday 7th October 2016