fine art photography - striking black and white shot of the jetty photographed from Evening Hill, Poole, Dorset

Jetty, photographed from Evening Hill by Rick McEvoy Poole Photographer

Jetty, photographed from Evening Hill by Rick McEvoy Poole Photographer

Yes, I should be working on my commercial photography portfolio. Well this is what happened.

I broke my camera. and favourite lens. I will write about this another time, but basically I got them both back and needed to do some test shots.

And I have my lovely new Manfrotto tripod.

Seems clear to me. Go and shoot something interesting.

So I did.

This is the view of the jetty from the very popular viewing location on Evening Hill in Poole, Dorset. It is on the right as you drive down the hill into the stunning Sandbanks from Poole. It is a very popular location for people to sit and watch the sun go down. And also for photography. I very rarely take photographs where there are other people doing just the same, but this is one time when there were quite a few people there.

But only me with a tripod! Well it was still daylight after all. So I put my newly repaired camera on my new tripod (definitely a separate post) and off I went.

I was after a shot of the jetty. I had my 70-200 lens on. I meant business. Seriously I put this lens on because I knew the shot I was looking for, and this is it. Well a slight variation on it. I had visualised this shot in my head many times over. Following my much written about Portfolio Review I have been consciously thinking more about composition. I find myself now going out with a shot in mind, Of course this does not stop me from stopping if I see something, but there is more purpose.

Having said that I am looking even more than ever now for new things!

So yes Evening Hill was a very familiar location to me, and I knew what I was after from the shot.

Technical stuff for this shot?

1.3 seconds at F32, ISO100, 200mm. Tripod mounted. Manual mode. Back button focus. Self-timer used to activate the shutter.

So that is the technical stuff. I used the longest exposure I could (without using my Lee Big Stopper ND Filter) by closing down the aperture, using the lowest ISO (apart from low) on my Canon EOS 6D, and used the self-timer to activate the shutter.

I wanted the movement in the water to disappear.

This is one of a bracketed sequence of three shots, but is the edit of the two stops over exposed shot.

This is another thing I like about bracketing – it gives you two extra ideas for every image shot using this technique.

Processing was quick. Having the camera repaired meant the sensor had been cleaned so one less job for me to do!

This is before and after shot





Quite a dramatic difference from before to after!

So adjustments in the basic panel only required, to produce pretty much what I was after.

Just a jetty. Everything else excluded from the shot.

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Sunshine shot taken in Sandbanks, Poole for a Sunday morning

Sandbanks sunset, Poole, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer  

Sandbanks sunset, Poole, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer  

Well it is Sunday morning and the weather is cold and grey here in England. 

So here is some Sunday sun to warm us all up. 

One of my favourite pictures of Dorset. 

This is the jetty you can see from Evening Hill on the approach to Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset. 

Whats not to love? 

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Great image of Poole Harbour with nice natural blurry cloud motion

Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour

Ok so I have discovered the blur feature in Photoshop. And am rather enjoying it. 

i have been looking for new image to work on and post, and came across this prime contender for some Photoshop blur action.

But I did not get that far. This is Lightroom editing only. The sky was blurred anyway. All I did in Photoshop was a bit of distracting removal of stuff in the ground. Which I think is fair enough. 

Mall thebwork with the colours and the mood is done in Lightroom, using the Basic panel. 

Why they call it the basic panel is beyond me! It is far from that. 

Anyway back to the photo. The colours on the flat water shining out of the darkness make this image for me. 

Thr image capture I am happy with. Content, composition and exposure. All that good stuff done correctly. 

But it was the realisation that there was that colour in the water reflecting from the sunset that makes this image stand out. 

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