Construction Photography in Poole, Dorset. Or is it real estate photography?

Getting the right view

Getting the right view

What a stunning room. Masses of natural light through the south facing windows even in the morning! I will be calling back this afternoon to photograph the rear elevation. 

As for the shot itself, this is taken on my iPhone showing the shot I am taking which I will post when processed.

I wanted a low view for this shot with the frame filled by those wonderful windows and all that fantastic light. 

So taking this shot I enjoyed making the most of my new kit. 

This is my new Manfrotto tripod in action on the shoot today. The geared head was fantastic. I have no idea how I managed without it for so long!!  And the fact you can quickly get so low is great, especially when you add in the hinged centre column.

So the new tripod is a hit. 

Thanks for reading about today's shoot and please call back tomorrow to for the daily post about something!!

One final question. Do I call myself a real estate photographer? Is real estate photography an American term or one used in the UK as well? I must find this out as it sounds a bit snappier than interior design photographer!! 

My Portfolio Review with the BIPP at the Photography Show

I had 40 images in a Collection in Lightroom. But that is not the whole story.

I ended up with lots of collections in Lightroom, which were

  1. 40 images. This had 40 images. Well 42 actually. This was what was going to be reviewed. That’s why I called it 40 images.
  2. 10 -. No images. An empty collection. I never got down to 10 images. Which I have to do for my next set of home page images. So as ever more work to do.
  3. Dorset photography – 10 images
  4. Hampshire photography – 10 images
  5. Architectural photography – building exteriors – 10 images
  6. Architectural photography – building interiors – 10 images
  7. Construction photography –10 images
  8. Industrial photography – 10 images
  9. London photography – 14 images. 14??
  10. Sandbanks photography – 10 images
  11. Wiltshire photography – 1 image. Not sure what went wrong there?
  12. Bournemouth photography – 13 images.
  13. Cornwall photography – 12 images
  14. Landscape photography – 17 images
  15. Poole photography – 10 images

And then another 9 folders from recent commercial work.

But I had my set of 40 images, and guess what?

No landscape photographs.

No sunsets.

No tourist scenes.



  1. Architectural photography
  2. Building photography
  3. Construction photography
  4. Interior photography
  5. Industrial photography
  6. Infrastructure photography
  7. Estate agent photography
  8. Real estate photography

That kind of thing.


Because I decided that my portfolio should reflect what I do, what I want to, and the best range of my work to date within these categories.

What I do best, and what I can do best for clients.

I want clients looking at my work, my portfolio, my website, and to know that when they hire me they know what they are going to get. And that they like my style. My look.

So it is time to focus my work, which I have done.

And do you know what? It has helped me to improve greatly. I still do landscape photography, which I enjoy immensely, but I use that work to experiment with new techniques in terms of both image capture and processing.

So having achieved a much better focus, I will describe tomorrow on my blog at

how my portfolio was constructed and how this focussing on these areas has helped me grow as a photographer.

And how many images made if from 2014 to 2016.

Guess – it surprised me!!