One of my favourite pictures of Bournemouth, Dorset

Bournemouth Bay, Dorset

Bournemouth Bay, Dorset

I thought it was about time I posted one of my pictures of Bournemouth.

I have a vast catalogue of images of Dorset, but the other day I had a thought. I hardly ever seem to post, or even look at, any of my pictures of Bournemouth. Odd considering, I have a "Bournemouth Photographer" page, and the town as lots of lovely views to be captured.

You can get to my Bournemouth photographer page by the way by clicking this link

where you can see my, erm, pictures of Bournemouth…..

So here is one of those Bournemouth images. Taken from the road above the sea front that takes you to Boscombe. I particularly like this view as you can see all the way from the pier to Old Harry Rocks in the very background.

Over to the right is the entrance to Poole Harbour, where you can find the chain ferry, and also Sandbanks (a place I post images from much more frequently). Behind the hills to the left is Swanage Bay.

So lots to see, and another reason I like this image is the typically English weather – bright, sunny with nice fluffy white clouds – a very common sight down here in the summer.

And I like the colours, which are as seen and typical in England – the sea really is this colour over here! And look at the reflections off the sea – fantastic.

That is how flat the sea was that day. And why I stopped the car and made the effort to capture this scene. This is often how I work. I see something I like, so I stop and look at it. A lot of times I do not even get my camera out – just stop, look, and think. But every now and then I do. It is important for me that there is thought behind this process – I am always looking and thinking.

So there you have it – Bournemouth does not need to feel left out any more! I really need to take some more photographs of Bournemouth, which I go through quite often.

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Classic drive by photography – a new image for my ever growing set of Dorset pictures

Shadows - Cranborne, Dorset Photography by Rick McEvoy

Shadows - Cranborne, Dorset Photography by Rick McEvoy

Classic drive by photography – a new image for my ever growing set of Dorset pictures

Driving up to Salisbury way one morning, and I drove past this scene on my right. I stopped, turned round, parked up. Turned on the GPS on my Canon 6D (drives me mad that I have to turn it on and off as it drains the battery even with the camera turned off), waited for a signal on the GPS, looked at the scene and started.

Digression time (not for the first time!). I have to say that I really like the feature on my Canon 6D as I can go into the Map Module in Adobe Lightroom CC and yes you’ve guessed it – see on the map where I took that exact shot.

Now there are people who do not like the Map Module in Lightroom CC (Scott Kelby being one of them – shame on you Scoot), but I have found a genuine, actual use for it. I am always looking for things to shoot when driving, and find this feature on my 6D and in Lightroom invaluable.

Sorry. Back to the shot.

I was drawn by the line of trees, and the shadows. I parked on the side of the road, and took only 5 shots, shooting straight into the sun (I have to keep my sunglasses on – Oakley mirrors – the best for a photographer as it is like wearing a pair of polarising filters on your eyes!).

And got this shot which I really like. I would have preferred more body and depth to the sun, but this is all I could get, even using a bracketed sequence. Still happy with the result.

The morale is this story?

Keep looking. You never know what you might see. This literally took me two minutes to capture

Be prepared. Always have a camera with you. And be ready to use if you can.

I was, and got a brand new shot which is now happily in my Lightroom images of Dorset collection.

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My all new Dorset Photography Page - Post 1 of 2

My Dorset photography page is undergoing a bit of a refresh. I am going to write about this today and tomorrow.

Ok so where is the page I hear you ask? It can be found at

First change - I have changed the name of the page to, erm, Dorset.

Well you know I'm a photographer (well I hope you do), and I have a places category, so I don't really think that I need to plonk such a prominent keyword as Dorset photographer on there, in your face! I have spent too much time on SEO, and now all I do is write about what I love, photography.

I am also going to refresh the set of images on this page. I live in Dorset, and love my set of Dorset pictures, which I am constantly working on when not doing commercial photography work.

Going through my Lightroom catalogue revieweing all my Dorset photos is the perfect antidote for the recent trauma I wrote about – my hard drive being full! And thankfully they are all still there, if only as Smart Previews (which still makes me slightly nervous).

I have 1264 images of Dorset in my Lightroom Catalogue. Plus the ones in import folders which I have not completely culled, rated, sorted and edited. That will be part of this current exercise. And of course to get my Dorset photography page higher up the rankings in Google – I am not going to lie to you.

I am going to include 12 pictures of Dorset on this page. Some will be familiar Dorset landmarks, some familiar from my website currently or before – this is a refresh after all not getting rid of everything I have done! There are some great Dorset images that I am proud to have on my website, and will keep on this page.

In terms of the content, I am going to restrict this page to my landscape/ travel photography – I am not including any of my commissioned commercial work. Well I say that – a lot of my personal work ends up being commercial work as I have a couple of stock photography arrangements in place. I love my Dorset landscape photographer work – this is where I have produced a lot of my best work.

Please call back to my blog tomorrow at

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A lovely peaceful, calming sunset shot of Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset

Sunset over calm waters, Sandbanks, Dorset

Sunset over calm waters, Sandbanks, Dorset

I took this shot the other day. I always drive home through Sandbanks as I love this location. 

As always I was keeping a close eye on the sky and the impending sunset. 

So I stopped and got this shot. 

I tried a 3 shot pano but obviously made a bit of a mess of it as I could not merge the three files in either Lightroom or Photoshop. Which must have been my fault. 

Luckily I will be able to return soon and try again.

So this is a single image, 2 shots merged from the bracketed sequence. 

Taken on my Canon 6D with the usual 17-40mm lens, 2.5 second exposure at F16, ISO100, 17mm focal length. 

Taken on my tripod of course. I stopped down to F16 to give myself a long exposure time of 2.5 seconds, giving me that flat smooth effect on the water.

In Lightoom I further expanded the dynamic range with sliders in the basic panel, and boosted the colours. As ever my processing style is all about getting the best out of what is there. 

A little about the location. Sandbanks is a fantastic location in Poole. In this shot you are looking at Brownsea Island.

This location is where I have got a lot of great images of Dorset. It is truly a fantastic location for landscape photography in Dorset.

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Spectacular sunrise shot taken on Poole Quay, Dorset

Sunrise shot taken from Poole Quay looknig towards Sandbanks and the Port of Poole

Sunrise shot taken from Poole Quay looknig towards Sandbanks and the Port of Poole

This shot was taken one dull morning when it looked liked sunrise would not even be visible!

I started off at the Poole Lifting Bridge, and walked all the way down the Quay. I was the only one in Poole that morning taking photographs on the Quay!

This shot falls into the landscape and industrial photographer categories for me - the Port of Poole to the right, the sunset in the middle.


I am a photographer based in Poole, Dorset, and I specialise in industrial, architectural, landscape and commrcial photography.

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Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset - nice lighting with a dreamy sky for the background

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Portland, Dorset

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Portland, Dorset

Lighthouses. Everyone loves a lighthouse.

Such a great subject. Especially this great, iconic Dorset landmark.

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Portland, Dorset

It is a long way to Portland, and even further down to Portland Bill.

But well worth the journey! And the journey there is pretty good too, with lots of spectacular views along the way to enjoy. And to stop and photograph (of course).

Owned and operated by Trinity House, check out their website link at

where they describe the recentley renovated visitors centre and tell you how to get these

Talking of getting there, the lighthouse is located at

Portland Bill

50° 30'.848 N 002° 27'.384 W

As for the photograph, I was trying to convey the atmosphere and show the movement of the clouds, and to a lesser extent the water. The late afternoon light nicely illuninates (no pun in tended) the lighthouse, making this a very pleasing image. I wanted the lighthouse to stand out against the background, as itis very much the focal point of the photograph.

I look forward to returning to Portland Bill in the new year, and trying out all the new stuff I have learned since I was last there. Keep popping back to my blog wher eI will post new images once I have them.

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you like todays image. Please go to my website where you can see lots more of my images of Dorset, at

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