My new website Photos of Santorini is now finished

It has taken a while, and longer than anticipated, but Photos of Santorini is now complete.

Sunrise with clouds below viewed from Kasimatis Suites in Santor

This website has been built entirely by me using the Wordpress platform. All the words and images are my own.

I have never done this before.

And it took me about a year and a half longer than I anticiapted to actually do something with the photos I took when I visited the wonderful Greek Island of Santorini.

I didn’t expect to be creating a brand new website, but this is what I have done!

So for now, I am going to sit back and have a break before getting on with my next website Paxos Travel Guide!

Rick McEvoy ABIPP - website creator

Slugs, and snippets done for Photos of Santorini

Sound like a a gardening theme this one! Anyway another job done on my website Photos of Santorini.

I have to say that I have found creating a Wordpress website a complete revelation - this last piece of work was an absolute doddle.

All I needed to do was go to the Snippet Preview at the bottom of the page and type in the text - the boxes went to green when there was the right amount of text, and if I put too much text then the bar went red!

This is what it looks like.


 And with that I am done for now. Photos of Santorini is complete. My intention was to get this done asap and for it to not be a polished website.

So with that I am going to reminded the pages of the website, take advice on the ideal theme for this website and moe on to the next thing. 

Paxos Travel Guide

Following my experiences with this website I do not expect to complete my next website this side of Christmas, as this is following the Project 24 format strictly. 

I will get back to this next week, leaving me a bit of time to sort some other stuff. 

Rick McEvoy - Photos of Santorini

Santorini images gallery – how is mine coming along?

Why did I come up with this title for this blog post?

Google of course. Santorini images gallery is a much better search term, and my website is after all just that so I thought why not? Let’s try to use the power of Google here to help me get this blog posts about my website Photos of Santorini ranked.

OK now that is out of the way where am I up to with my new website Photos of Santorini?

This is finally done. I have completed my new website. This is not surprisingly about my photos of Santorini, along with lots of photography advice. I have tried something different and niche.

When I say completed, I mean nearly completed.

  • Almost.

  • I am getting there.

  • And there is a fully populated website live on the internet. But there is still more to do.

What have I done since last week?

I have completed the editing of my photos of Santorini

My Big Greek Photo Gallery

I have completed editing the 99 images which you will find on my Big Greek Photo Gallery.

That took longer than I had realised it would – I had to pick up on editing images from over a year ago and make sure that they all looked like they were from a cohesive set of images.

But that is done, and I am leaving this for now. I have questioned some of my image choices but have to just leave the selection I have – I can always come back to these images in the New Year. Actually, that would be a nice thing to do – add another 10 – 20 images which will give a bit of a refresh. I have scheduled this in for February 2019.

Image metadata

This was a biggy. I had to rename all the file names and add a description and keywords. And this is on an individual basis to 99 images.

This had to be done so the images become searchable items in Google.

This was a complete pain to do but very important.

I carried this out in Lightroom, meaning that every time I do something with any of these images that base metadata will be with that file.

Whilst this might have been a pain, writing bespoke text for each image gave me an added bonus I had not thought of – there are 3245 words on the image gallery page, all text relevant to each image and therefore valuable in search engine terms.

Time very well spent.

Index in Google

I have indexed all the pages in Google, using the Yoast SEO plugin on my WordPress website.

This tells Google that the pages are all there, in case Google hadn’t noticed, which Google had…

Long post

I had a very long post, 7000 words. This was going to be like an anchor post – a long weighty meaty post that would smash the opposition on the internet. 7000 words however was too long, so I have split this down into two parts

Santorini photography tips – what I have learned – Part 1

Santorini photography tips – what I have learned – Part 2

Makes sense to me!

What is to be done?

Titles and descriptions

I need to add titles and descriptions to every page so it all looks shiny, interesting and appealing on a Google search. To be honest I am not sure what to put in these fields, having done some of the pages already I have had a bit of a rethink.

I am going to have a think about this – once I get this clear in my head it will be a case of adding the text to a spreadsheet and then pasting into the fields in WordPress – an important job but not one that will take long to do.


I need snippets. And I don’t know how to do them. So, I will look into this and report back. This really is a never-ending learning journey!

For those of you who don’t know me I am a photographer and construction project manager – I am NOT a web developer!


I need to make sure that I have appropriate links on each and every page to other pages to make the thing work together. Internal links to relevant pages is something Google likes too, which is good.

Affiliate Links

I need to add the affiliate links with commercial partners that I have, and Amazon Associate links for the gear that I use.

Resolve my page URL

I want the search bar to read

At the moment it reads

I thought I had sorted this with Google, but this is still not displaying as I would like it to.

Check all the keywords are on my App

I have an App called SEO Edge. Here is a screenshot of it.

What I want to do is make sure that the keyword for each blog post is on this App, so I can see if that page is working.

This is part of my checking my Analytics too often issue I know, but it is important to know that all the pages are working, and also I need to know if some of the pages need changing so they are working to their maximum.

I will not know this for another 4 months though, but it is good to monitor this on a weekly basis.

Check keywords are all included in text

Yep – dull but important. I spent a lot of time researching keywords, and want to make sure that they are subtly applied within the text of each page for maximum SEO benefits. But in a natural way that works with the text.

This is why I wrote the text without the keywords in mind, to make the text natural and sound like it is coming out of my mouth.

Proof read

The final job. Read every page. Every line of every page.

I am sort of looking forward to this, and at the same time dreading it. Having lived and breathed this website for too long now I want to be able to leave it to grow, so a final read is the last main job.

There are over 45,000 words on this website, which is quite remarkable. I had no idea it would end up being such a large task, but I am so happy that it is nearly complete.

Website backup

Another important thing – I have over 45,000 words on this website, and don’t want to lose them. This is a job for Bluehost to help me with, which I will do this week using their excellent online help.

Videos onto YouTube

I have managed to get all the photos and videos from my iPhone over to my PC. I have used quite a lot of the images and videos in blog posts but want to check the rest and see if there is some stuff that needs to be put onto YouTube – no point these things sitting on my hard drive if they can be working for me somewhere online.


I am new to WordPress and websites and have gone with a free theme called Pixagraphy. I need to look into this, and now that I have all the content on my website is the time to do this, and see if I can quickly (and at no expense) find a theme that will make my website look more appealing and more professional.

Swap over the images

I nearly forgot this – I need to update the images now that I have added all the metadata – the images uploaded before I did this work obviously won’t have this info on them.


Yes quickly. This is meant to be a quick website, done without overanalysing everything and with no intention of aiming for perfection.

It turns out that this took much longer than I expected it to, and my next website will take longer than I had planned, but once this is done that is it – job done.

And this is the template for future websites.

So, all of this in done in a bit of a hurry as I just want to get this out online as quickly as possible and see how it performs.

  • Publicise my website

  • Once it is done, I will promote my website on the following

  • My own website – more posts like this one

  • Google

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

And anywhere else I can think of


Yes, the last job is to wait and see what happens. Will this be the beginning of a life of passive income from travel photography websites?

I certainly hope so, but genuinely have no idea if this will be the case or not. Time will tell.

6 – 8 months’ time that is. Which was part of the urgency – I wanted to get this done and published to start the clock ticking, which I have now done minor tweaks apart.


Blimey. There is so much to do! But I am nearly there, which is all rather exciting. I have really enjoyed creating something all of my own and publishing it on the internet.

All I can do now (after sorting the bits I mentioned in this post) is wait and see what happens.

Oh, sorry there is one more thing that I can do.

Get on with the next website - Paxos travel guide.

Rick McEvoy ABIPP – Photographer, photoblogger, writer, website creator

Should I post to my photography blog every day? Erm well....

Website 03102018.PNG

Turns out I am anyway! I was thinking about this as I was working on my new website Photos of Santorini this morning.

Rather than schedule posts I am going to write about stuff as I am doing it and not worry about formatting and all that dull stuff. This is actual me right now.

Back to my website - Photos of Santorini.

I have the 20 images I want, and having added the metadata in Lightroom I have uploaded them all to draft posts. And I have just completed the exercise of adding titles to the posts.

That means I am good to go with the writing of the 20 posts. And the one big post has been started and now has a working title. Titles frame what I write in each post - and I have to remember that I have Santorini in the URL!

So my new website is now progressing to a plan which is good. Finally!

Rick McEvoy Photography - Santorini Photography Tips

What is my favourite tool in Photoshop? The Patch Tool - completely awesome

Yes my favourite tool in Photoshop has to be the Patch Tool - this is the spot healing brush on steroids! I have just used it to sort out an extension to a sky caused by having to get the buildings straight meaning I had gaps around the edges!

You can’t use the Patch Tool to add sky where there is none - in the first photo the white bits are blank - there is nothing there.

So first I had to clone stamp bits of sky to fill in the gaps - once this was done then I could use the Patch Tool to improve the quality of sky infill.

Snippet missing sky 01102018.PNG
Snippet missing added 01102018.PNG

Magic. I am working on my Photos of Santorini website - more on this later in the week hopefully!

Rick McEvoy ABIPP - Santorini Photographer

Where can I buy photos of Santorini from?

Photos of Santorini by Rick McEvoy

Well here. My new website - photos of Santorini.

This is very much work in progress, and will be a place where you can buy my photos of Santorini.

I will be writing about how I build this website using Wordpress - all a rather baffling process to me at the moment but I am sure it will be fine.

Join me in September 2018 and we can learn how to produce a great niche website together.

Rick McEvoy - Photos of Santorini.


Photos of Santorini - how is my new website going?

Santorini home 30072018.PNG

Not too well is the answer. Time is against me. My two weeks is ticking away here....

Themes in Wordpress are proving more challenging than I expected. Time to watch some tutorials....

I thought Wordpress was meant to be easy!

I am going to lock myself away for an hour with the tutorials for the theme I have bought and work this out - I have done my page structure now which is ever so simple, which is meant to be the plan for the whole of this webiste.

A new article goes out tomorrow on Improve Photography, so I will provide an update on my new website later on this week.

Rick McEvoy ABIPP - Photos of Santorini

How to build a website in 2 weeks

photos of santorini wordpress 25072018.PNG

This is the plan. I need to do the following to create my new website, photos of Santorini.

This is the list of things off the top of my head, in an order that makes sense to me.

By the way, this is a Wordpress website - I have not made one of these before...

  • Decide on the pages I am going to have on my new website, photos of Santorini
  • Sort out the appearance of the website - I have a theme which I have already purchased
  • Add the pages to my website
  • Decide on the content for each page
  • Research the content
  • Add the content
  • Decide on how I am going to present the images
  • Decide if I am going to have videos of the shoot locations
  • Come up with a plan for the blog posts that I am going to add over a period of time
  • Oh yes and do all that back end stuff (the bit I know the least about!).

I have two weeks to get this done. Looks like I am going to be busy. On Monday I will begin this task and see how I get on.

I have decided to do this first, and then work on the rest of the images - I can add these to blog posts and upload to the gallery pages. I just want my website out there.

Rick McEvoy ABIPP - photos of Santorini



Range Masking in Lightroom - I forgot about this!

In a recent update to Lightroom Classic Adobe introduced Color and Luminance Range Masking in Lightroom Classic CC.

I forgot about this, and am going to look into it as part of my work on my photos of Santorini.

Here is the video on YouTube by Adobe telling us all how to do this.

Rick McEvoy Photography - How to use Lightroom