What do you use to clean your camera lenses? I use Pec Pads and Eclipse Cleaning Solution

I use Pec Pads and Eclipse Cleaning Fluid. I have used these two products for years. I bought them originally to clean the glass elements of my camera lenses, but now clean most parts of my camera with them while I am cleaning the front and rear elements.

The cleaning fluid comes in a small bottle but lasts for ages. Being less than 100ml you can take a bottle on a plane.

The Pec Pads come in packs of 100 100mm*100mm in size. I always pack a bag of these in all of my camera bags.

And a quick photography tip – once you have opened a pack of Pec Pads I put them in a clear plastic self seal bag to make sure they stay clean and as dust free as possible – I do take them with me absolutely everywhere I go after all!

You can get both from Amazon for less than £25, which is a great deal and sorts out lens cleaning for absolutely ages!

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Tuesday 13th December 2016


Dorset Photography Collection - one final thought - check what your images look like on other devices

This applies to all images that you are going to share/ sell/ publish/ give away.

Check them on another device. How do they look to others???

I have just done this and a couple of my Dorset landscape photography shots were, to be perfectly honest, too dark.

They look absolutely fine on my 24" fancy studio monitor.

But this gallery collection is not for me - it is for everyone else.

I check images on my Iphone, and also on other peoples monitors at their workplaces - it is vital that I know what they are seeing, not what I am seeing in my controlled environment.

IPhone and Ipad screens are very accurate, and a good gauge of what an image should look like. Dont worry about the white balance though - you need to get this right in a controlled environemnt as Iphones/ Ipdas are viewed in all sorts of light which will impact on how the image appears to the person viewing the image - the colours will reflect the light around them.

Hope this quick photography tip will help you on this Saturday morning - no image today as the construction photography shoot is with the client for proofing/ approval.