My Top 10 Images of the Year for 2016 - how I picked 10 images from over 5000 using Lightroom CC

I have decided I am going to finish off the year with 10 posts containing the top 10 images of 2016. This is my favourite 10 images that I have taken in 2016.

Not the best, but my favourite images. Yes this post is all about me!

I was planning on assembling a collection of my best work during the year, which I could then narrow down to 10 edits.

But I didn’t.

So now I have to go through all the images from 2016, and how many of them are there I hear you say?

I have learnt from this though and have a 2017 Collection ready to go. I will add anything I think might make my top 10 as and when they appear and then by the end of the year I hope that I have more than 10 images to review! If not it has been a bad year.

Sorry back to the subject in hand. 2016.

Well this is how I find this out ho many images I need to go through. Before I go on, a big shout out to Adobe for the fantastic Lightroom software. Lightroom has received criticism recently for being slow, which I hope Adobe will sort, but it is still fantastic.

I will use this as an example.

I need to know how many images I took in 2016. This is how I find this out.

Select the complete Lightroom Catalogue folder

  • Press the \ key
  • Click on Metadata
  • Click on 2016
  • And there are all the images from 2016.
  • All 5085 off them….

That is going to take some sorting.

But Lightroom displayed these images instantly. And if I wanted to, which I will have to do when I get round to this year, I just select the images, add them to a collection and off I go sorting out another year anywhere I want to, on any device.

You can find out more about Adobe Lightroom CC here and also download Lightroom and try it for free.

So I have all those images to look at. I can narrow it down every further by filtering by star rating as well as year.

In 2016 I rated 6 images as 5 star, and 229 images 4 star.

But the problem with this is that I have not been consistently rating all my images.

But it is a start.

5 star is 5 star though.

I have created a new Collection called 2016 Top 10, and have gone through the 4 and 5 star rated images. To be fair my best work has always had a 5 star rating, and is representative of my best work in 2016. The four star rated images are a bit more hit and miss, in terms of rating that is.

I have 17 images to consider, which is a pretty good start considering I only want 10 images. I quickly went through 2016, and selected 42 images which I put into this collection. Then I did a quick cull to get down to my 10.

I have chosen a variety of my photography work, architectural, interior, landscape and travel photography work.

Tomorrow, the first image of my set of 2016 images, which will be posted in date order.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Wednesday 21st December 2016