And now that is done time to sort out all my recent edits and organise my Lightroom Catalogue – well the recent stuff I have worked on

There is always more to do. I have taken quite a bit of new stuff in the last couple of weeks, trying to capture the last of the spectacular Autumn colours in Dorset and Hampshire. 

And now I have to tidy up the mess I have left behind. 

I am still not sorting my images in Lightroom properly, so as part of the improvements to my workflow I am going to start the task of sorting out my images from both ends of my Lightroom Catalogue. 

Yes I am going to sort the oder years, starting with 2005, and at the same time work back from the new stuff. 

And if I stick to both I should meet myself in the middle. 

The plan is this. 

Starting with the year 2005, for which I have now only 64 images, meaning I will also do my 2005 collection containing just 444 images, I am going to do the following

  • Rate images
  • Delete rejects
  • Rename
  • Keyword
  • File

And that is the approach I am going to take to every image in my Lightroom Catalogue. 

At the same time I going to start with recent images. 

  • So when I do 2005 I will also do November 2016. 
  • And when I do 2006 I will also do October 2016. 

This will help me get on top of my new work whilst sorting out my old stuff. Hopefully the way I have set up everything in Lightroom will work how I want it, but if not I will still be getting rid of images I dont want. 

Now I know this is dull but I have to get on with it. I have organisational needs at both ends of my Lightroom Catalogue which I need to start addressing now. 

This is a natural follow on from my two blog posts, one of which had a title which summed things up nicely

How to organise your photos in Lightroom

Time I did just that! 

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Sunday 20th November 2016 

Rick McEvoy

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