About Me

This page is all about me. Sorry but I have to do this. This is the only page on my website about me. I will keep it brief though ok?

Who am I?

I am Rick McEvoy, formal name Richard. I am in my early 50s, happily married and living in Dorset on the South coast of England.

My interests are my family, photography, podcasting, writing, travel, football and cricket.

I am an architectural and construction photographer and also a photography educator, blogger and podcaster.

Get in touch if you want to talk to me about photographing your building or construction project, or read on to find out more about me.

Me Rick McEvoy on location in Dorset taking photos
Me Rick McEvoy on location in Dorset


I have been interested in photography since the age of about 13 (so long ago I can’t actually remember). I had my own darkroom by the age of 16 (funded and tolerated on the chest freezer in the utility room by Mum and Dad).

I have no idea where this lifelong interest came from, and no idea why all these years later photography is still my thing.

But it still is. Which is nice.


At school I was rubbish and pretty much flunked my “O” Levels, getting three the first time and three more on resits. Not good grades either.

For my “A” Levels I “studied” Geography, Geology and Art. Art? Yes I wanted to learn photography even back then. I dropped out of art and passed my other 2 “A” Levels with the lowest possible grades (E). I even failed General Studies.

So hardly a gifted student then (it does get better trust me).


I left school and went to Art College for 2 terms before deciding that I needed money. I dropped out of college and started working for a construction company, starting right at the bottom as a labourer.

This gave me an excellent grounding in, well everything. Since then I have been a senior project manager, building surveyor, facilities manager and lots of other things in a wide variety of environments and sectors.

I have extensive experience working in the construction industry, which makes me being an architectural and construction photographer a completely logical thing to do, combining my two lifetimes of experience.

And do you know what – I love photograhing buildings.


I have travelled extensively with my best mate, Mrs M.

I have also summited the highest active volcano in the world, completed (just) the London Marathon and dived to a ridiculous depth.

Professional Qualifications

I am professionally qualified in construction, still proud after all these years to have the letters MCIOB after my name. Yes I am a Chartered Construction Manager in the Chartered Institute of Building.

I am also professionally qualified in photography, being an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography (ABIPP).

This is my listing on the BIPP website.

These two qualifications put me in, I believe, a unique position to be able photograph buildings. Especially when you add two lifetimes of experience in construction and photography.

You can read more about that on my Work With Me page.

I also have lots of other professional qualifications, including a funky one that included some MSc level physics. Yes I think I underachieved at school.

I was going to stop there but there are a few more things I want to share with you.

My Photography Blog

I write a photography blog about a variety of photographic subjects. I write as I talk, so this is a great place to get to know me (but see below).

I started writing about photography stuff a few years ago, and hugely enjoy this process. You will find a wide variety of subects covered on my blog in the following categories.

  • Architectural Photography
  • Construction Photography
  • Dorset Photography
  • Hampshire Photography
  • Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar
  • Micro Four Thirds Photography
  • Photography
  • Photography Business
  • Photography Explained Podcast
  • Photography Gear
  • Travel Photography

Photography Explained Podcast

Yes I have my own podcast, Photography Explained. Rather than write all about it again I would like to point you in the direction the Photography Explained Podcast website.

What I will say here is that I explain one photographic thing per episode in plain English in less than 10 minutes without the irrelevant detail. I could not find a podcast that did this so I created my own.

You can read the content on the website if you would rather not listen to me. Which is fine.

I also have a You Tube channel!

If that lot is not enough I have my own You Tube Channel where I post a weekly video which accompanies my weekly photography blog post (when I have time that is).

Guest Writing

I have written many articles on the Improve Photography website, and also written guest blog posts for others in the photography world.

Travel Photography

Talking of travel (which I was earlier), my other photographic thing is travel photography. This is where I combine my loves of photography and travel, so much so that I have created two websites.

Paxos Travel Guide

Photos of Santorini

Check out these websites and you will see the other side of me, the travel side. Paxos Travel Guide also has an accompanying You Tube Channel.

My landscape photography

This is my other passion. I am not sure where travel photography starts and landscape photography ends. Not that it matters.

Check out my pages about places in England and photos that I have taken of them.




How to get in touch with me

Just head over to my contact page.

You can also find out what I am up to on my other social media channels.

Although to be honest my website is the best place these days.

You Tube





All My Own Work!

Everything you see on my website, and hear on my podcast, is all my own thoughts, words and hard work.

On a commercial shoot I take the photos and process them – I do all of that myself too. And everything before and after.

Like I say, all my own work.


Last thing I want to say here is that Rick McEvoy Photography is just me – I do everything, and I mean everything. This is how I can guarantee that if you commission me you will get the highest quality, personal service that I can provide – this is what I pride myself on.

And my photos are not too bad either, even if I do say so myself!


Dorset, England, BH18 9ET.