Frequently asked questions about me.

1 – Why do I have to pay you to take my photographs? Why can I not just do it myself?

I have been learning about and practising all aspects of photography for over 30 years, and professionally since 2007. I have developed my own workflow to provide high quality, consistent, cost effective imagery. I am highly skilled at digital processing, and specialise in producing technically correct and accurate images. This is not easy to do.

I use Canon professional cameras and lenses, and Adobe software with various image specific plug-ins. I also have spare cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards, hard drives etc etc etc!

All of the above when put together enable me to provide high quality images.

2 – How much will it cost for you to take photographs?

I quote on a job specific basis, ensuring that I provide the most cost effective service without compromising on quality. The big influence on cost and quality is time, both in preparation, taking the photographs, and post processing. And getting there and back of course!

I do not provide a cheap photography service – I provide consistent high quality photography and a high quality service.

3 – What areas do you cover?

I cover Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey and London principally, and also the immediately surrounding counties. I am happy to price for work further afield, although to be honest the further away the job is the more expensive I become.

4 – How quickly can you turn images around?

I normally send a set of fully processed images within 72 business hours, unless the shoot was particularly large. I can provide images quicker if required.

5 – How many images will I get?

I do not take hundreds of images. I do not send my clients hundreds of images to plough through.
For most commercial commissions I provide between 10 and 50 fully edited images, depending on the brief and the nature of the commission.

6 – Who owns the copyright of the images?

Copyright remains mine, but the images are issued for your unrestricted use – you have paid for them after all!

7 – What file format are the images in?

All images are taken in the RAW format, and issued to clients in the univerally accessible Jpeg format. I provide a set of full resolution images, and also a set of low resolution images, much smaller file sizes for emailing and sharing.

Images are issued by electronic file transfer.


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