Paddle Boarders in Poole bathed by the late summer golden sunset light

 Paddle boarders at sunset, Sandbanks, Poole
Paddle boarders at sunset, Sandbanks, Poole

This picture was taken from Evening Hill looking towards Brownsea Island.

The sun was setting over the Purbecks, giving this spectacular golden glow to the sea.

I had driven to Evening Hill as the impending sunset looked like it was going to be spectacular. 

The sky was cloudless, not the best for taking photographs, but thankfully these three paddle boarders appeared and gave me a great subject.

 Small version of the big version above.... 
Small version of the big version above…. 

The images were taken on my Canon 6D with Canon 70-200mm F4L lens at its maximum focal length of 200mm. 

This lens really is incredibly sharp, just looking at the detail on the paddle boarders and their boards. 

Ooh look – I can add the photo within the text like this. I really didnt know I could do that!  (I dragged the image above here by mistake in case you are wondering what I am going on about). So I thought I would add another version here within the text, just because I can!

Look out for more new things in my blog when I find them like this photo in the text. How utterly cool is this. 

And I seem to remember saying to myself that I was going to keep my blog posts to the subject in hand and stop digressing – oh well it only took me to the 2nd January before that happened!

Continuing my digression, I will be heading over to Squarespace to see what else I can do to make my blog posts a bit more funkier. Or will the new layout include all this extra funkiness? 

I will be posting two black and white variants of this image later on this week as well – I had an idea about an effect that I thought would look pretty cool. Lets see what you all think when I have posted them, probably on Sunday.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Poole Photographer

Thursday 5th January 2016

Rick McEvoy

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