Which case do I use for my IPad Pro? The fantastic Logitech Create case with keyboard

I tried quite a few cases for my iPad. I settled on the Logitech Create case with illuminated keyboard. It was a very quick and easy decision, so good is this case. My iPad has been wrapped in this case since the day I received it.

Why do I like this case so much?


It works.

And it protects my iPad.

There isn’t a huge amount to say about this case with a built-in keyboard that is connected to the iPad and powered via the Smart Connector.

It just works. Day in. Day out (never understood that term if you really think about it?).

The keyboard is great to use. I like the action of the keys. It just makes typing easy.

In terms of protection, it does this very important job really well. I take my iPad out and about with me every day, and have not had any problems.

One complaint – the backlight goes off after something like 8 seconds, and to re-illuminate the keyboard you have to press a key. A small complaint but an easy improvement would be to make this adjustable. You can adjust the brightness of the illumination of the keys after all.

This is the only negative thing I have about this case. 

Another thing I like is the volume adjustment buttons.

Apart from that it just works for me. And I use it a lot. 

Now the case is far from cheap. At the time of writing the cost from Amazon was just over £110 (with free delivery). That’s a lot of money for a case but I don’t regret buying it. I tried quite a few cheaper cases but none were good enough. I tried the Apple keyboard case (or cover) but this did not protect the back at all.

If you are wondering why I am writing about the case I was sat looking at it (sad I know) the other day – I have carried this case with me everywhere for 6 months now and it still looks like new. Another good thing.

Oh yes – it has an Apple Pencil holder too. I have not found a need to buy an Apple Pencil yet but you never know – one day I might. Mind you they are currently around £100 on Amazon.

And now I have written about the case for my iPad I must write about the actual iPad itself, a fantastic piece of kit that is worthy of a case costing over a hundred quid.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about the iPad Pro just click here. 

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Thursday 5th January 2017


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