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How I use Collections in Adobe Lightroom CC to find the images I need quickly

I was talking before about Collections in Lightroom Well they have helped me select the last two images for my Portfolio. I have a collection called building exteriors, which as you will imagine was a logical place to start looking for images 39 and 40. There is a variety of pictures of buildings in this collection, and also an image which is of;

A large tower.

A local landmark.

A big white tower with an interesting sky.

And it is

Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Hampshire.

I might not use the image in that collection, but what I can do from that image is simply right click on the image and go to the folder containing all the images taken. I will have a browse in there and pick a couple of shots.

As a slight aside, looking at the set of images I now have a nice geographical split of the locations of the images included within my portfolio.

  • Dorset – 21 images
  • Hampshire – 10 images
  • France – 3 images
  • Spain – 1 image
  • Italy – 3 images
  • London – 2 images

That mix looks about right. I live and work in Dorset. I often work in neighbouring Hampshire.

And I have images from London as well as Spain, France and Italy. Places I love to visit and photograph.

A nice mix.

Back to the Spinnaker Tower.

I photographed the spectacular Spinnaker Tower one November afternoon when the winter sun was out and there were shite fluffy clouds in the sky.

I am not a fan of blue skies. They are boring to me. I like skies with interest in them, such as on this day.

I have posted pictures of the Spinnaker Tower before, but am going to do new edits for my portfolio. These images are a few years old now, taken in 2012. The 170m high Tower was opened to the public in 2005, and since I took the photographs has had a sponsored makeover. And my processing has improved enormously since I last edited any of these images.

You can find out more about the Spinnaker Tower at It is well worth a visit, especially taking the lift up to the viewing platforms with the glass floor you can walk over.

And for those not as obsessed with buildings as me there are lots of shops at Gunwarf Quays, which you have to go through to get to the Tower.

I am now going to edit two pictures of the Spinnaker Tower which I will post and talk about over the next couple of days on my blog.

And then my Portfolio is done.


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Saturday 10th September 2016

Rick McEvoy

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