A picture of a footbridge in the forest with colours provided by nature

 Landscape photography in Dorset by Rick McEvoy
Landscape photography in Dorset by Rick McEvoy

The picture of the colourful footbridge in the woods – my favourite picture in the series of images taken in the woods in Poole.

Finally got here.

Loving this image.

It has a lovely feel to it. I could edit this numerous times – more than is good for me I know.

And do you know what? I might just do that!

So just two edits of this picture for now. The first edit and the polished version.

Firstly, why do I like this image?

It is the natural colours in the wood. The surroundings. The feel and atmosphere of being in the woods in England in winter time.

It is that feeling that I am so keen to convey in my images.

Yes I really like this image, which is processed in Lightroom only. I am not going to talk about processing this time, but about composition and what I was hoping to capture in this image.

It was the colours on the footbridge. And the stream running across the image.

The stream takes you from the left into the middle of the image and the green footbridge. The bridge is the lightest point in the image.

I have separated the bridge from the background using dodging and burning. This has emphasised what I was trying to achieve with the composition.

I also wanted the light either end of the bridge to have prominence in the image, which again I enhanced with dodging and burning.

There is virtually no mist in this image, which I photographed on my way back as the sun was setting slowly behind the trees, giving an error moody light in the woods.

And that mood is reflected in this picture.

I like this image a lot.

Next will be the alternative edit. Or further edit. Oh it doesn’t matter what I call it – just pop back and see for yourself shortly on my photography blog.

And then of course there will be the black and white version.

Landscape photography in Dorset by Rick McEvoy

Thursday 16th February 2017



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