Dramatic lighting in the woods in the third image in my series of pictures of these atmospheric woods in Poole

 The image that has made me question my composition!
The image that has made me question my composition!

Ok I have a confession to make. The picture I posted yesterday is a crop of this image.

I will stick to this image. There is an issue here which I want to write about.

This was how I chose this composition, as I said yesterday.

“I just followed the light to this point, and plonked my tripod down where the light as interesting with the weak winter sun shining straight at me (but giving me no warmth at all). I stopped at the point where the sun and mist caused the maximum impact on the scene and stopped there.”

OK so that makes sense, doesn’t it?

One problem.

I made a mistake with my composition.

The sun is central in the frame. Well fairly central. Not dead centre but too much so for my liking.

My composition is not good.

I should have placed the sun to either the left or the right, following the principles of the rule of thirds. Yes, I know – rules and all that but still good advice and guidance.

This image was taken using a focal length of 60mm. Now to be fair this makes a change for me – I normally shoot at one end or the other of the range of my zoom lenses, but no – here I was at 60mm. Which means I must have thought about my composition at the time.

But I forgot to frame it right.

With a 20 mega pixel sensor I can crop down a lot to correct for this, but that is not the point.

Composition. The start of a good photo.

I know you might read my blog and think I am perfect (only joking) but I do like to write about the bad points and things I have got wrong. Like this rubbish composition. Ok a bit harsh – but not great composition.


Poole Photographer

Monday 23rd January 2017

Rick McEvoy

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