My new camera bag – the fantastic Peak Design Everyday Backpack

I have a new camera bag. And you can probably tell from the title of this post I rather like it.

I have a few camera bags. And none work for me on a day to day basis. They are either too big or not quite big enough.

So, I have a problem.

And I worked out what the problem is.


Not the bags.

What do I need from a camera bag?

I said need. Not want.

To answer the question. I had to think about this the other way round. I got all the gear I wanted to put I a camera bag together, and then ordered the Peak Design Every Day Backpack – the 20-litre version. I got mine from Amazon.

And when it came in the post I loved it, but could not fit all my gear in it. I have a really cool new bag which I seriously really like, but I can’t get all my gear in it.

I completed a return form and was going to send the bag back to Amazon. And I went to a local camera shop and looked at all the bags, and didn’t see anything that worked.

And that was when I worked out exactly what the problem was.

I wanted a small, easy to handle backpack that I could take with me everywhere. But to achieve this I couldn’t possibly fit all the gear I was trying to fit into the bag.

So, what to do?

Go through all my gear again, and decide what I use day to day.

And nothing else.

And put the rest somewhere else.

And that is why I ended up with all my gear on my office floor.

And different bags with different uses.

  • My day to day gear.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Backup items.
  • And a bag I don’t like with all the other stuff.

And that was my answer.

What about the Peak Design Everyday Backpack?

Come back to my blog soon and I will explain. Once I have used it properly.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Tuesday 21st February 2017


Rick McEvoy

I am Rick McEvoy, an architectural and construction photographer living and working in the South of England. I create high quality architectural photography and construction photography imagery of the built environment for architects and commercial clients. I do not photograph weddings, families, small people or pets - anything that is alive, moves or might not do as I ask!! I am also the creator of the Photography Explained Podcast, available on all major podcast providers. I have a blog on my website where I write about my work and photography stuff. Rick McEvoy ABIPP, MCIOB

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