My favourite picture of Portland Bill Lighthouse

 Portland Biil by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer in Dorset
Portland Biil by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer in Dorset

I don’t know why I included the sideways on picture of Portland Bill. This one is much better, with that lovely blurry sky and soft muted tones. Much more pleasing.

This is a nice tranquil picture, which is often not the case in this exposed location.

And an edit I do not need to do much with. Not that this has stopped me before!

As part of the process of picking a set of twelve images I am happy with I browsed my pictures of Portland Bill Lighthouse.

I would like to produce a separate web page just for my pictures of the Portland Bill Lighthouse, another iconic Dorset landmark.

But where would I put this? Am I creating work for myself?

Of course I am.

But I have a really good collection of pictures of the lighthouse, which I love visiting and photographing.

And everyone loves a lighthouse!

About the picture

The picture was taken on my Canon 5D with 24-105mm lens using a focal length of 35mm. Which in itself is unusual for me!

  • Exposure was 1/100th second, F7.1, ISO400.
  • Shot in RAW, probably using AV mode.

About the Lighthouse

Portland Bill Lighthouse is operated by Trinity House. You can find out all about the history of the lighthouse on these web pages.

Portland Bill is an interesting place, being the southernmost tip of Dorset. It is a great location to visit, and to get to, as you have to go up to the top of the island, with the spectacular views of Chesil Beach, then gradually back down all the way to the foot of the island.

You can find out more about Portland Bill on Wikipedia.

About me

I am an achitectural photographer in Dorset – get in touch via my contact page, phone or email.

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Friday 14th April 2017

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