The new Canon 6D Mark 2 is on the way – not a bad time to get a Canon 6D Mark 1 if you are ready to go full frame?

So the new Canon 6D Mark 2 is on its way in a few months. You can read about the reported brand new sensor on the Peta Pixel website, along with other news about what is thought to be the specification of this new camera.

According to Canon Rumours the new camera will be announced in July, and will start shipping in August 2017.

If you have not made the leap into the full frame DSLR world yet, now might be a great time to think about doing just that with the Canon 6D Mark 1 – this is the camera I have been using since its release.

And I have to say I have been using it day in, day out. Faultlessly.

Check out the Canon 6D here on Amazon where the price, on 17th June 2017, was £1149. This is a great  price for a brand new, full frame DSLR.

And I recommend you keep checking the price of the Canon 6D and also bundles with lenses – there will be some great deals as Canon tries to sell the current version before the new one is released.

And don’t worry that you are not getting the latest kit. If you can afford the new Canon 6D Mark 2 then great, but if you can’t, or are not sure, then the current version will still be a great camera when the Mark 2 version is released.

Just because a camera has been replaced by a newer version doesn’t make the previous version any less valid.

I use a Canon 6D. It is a great camera. And when the new version comes out it will still be a great camera.

I am looking forward to getting the new Canon 6D Mark 2, and my current 6D will be relegated to being my backup camera, and for use in less than favourable environments.

That will leave me with my Canon 5D Mark 1, which will be spare. EBay time perhaps. I don’t want to sell my 5D as it was my first full frame DSLR, and it still takes great images. 


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