How can filters change the light coming into an interior space – in this Greek Church the gels were done for me!

 Picture of a church in Corfu by travel photographer Rick Mcevoy  
Picture of a church in Corfu by travel photographer Rick Mcevoy  

“There are two parts to what I want to say about this picture of a church in Corfu. The first part is about the light shining in through the window. This is a single image. No HDR here. This is what my camera captured, processed in Lightroom only.

I was drawn to the light shining in through the window illuminating this incredibly dark space. It was striking, late morning light. Bright, directional and golden in this dark, quiet atmospheric space.

So that was the scene I saw and wanted to capture.”

The windows had some kind of orange covering, I didnt look too closely at what it was, but it gave the effect of a warming gel filter to the scene.

“So how did I do this? This is how. This is the technical part of the story.

This picture was taken handheld on my Canon 6D with Canon 24-105mm lens.

The all-important settings were

  • Shutter 1/13th second
  • Aperture F8
  • ISO1600

Hand held. I pushed the ISO and sacrificed potential noise for sharpness of image capture. And stood nice and steady. And this is what I got – a pretty good hand-held image capture.

And this is the point. No-one (except for other photographers) cares about noise in a photo.

But everyone cares about blurry photos.”

Yep. Thats ths point. Don’t worry about noise. Worry about blurry photos. And if someone has gone to the trouble of giving you some different lighting do the best you can with it.

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