Are you a windows PC user? Do you want to try some new photo editing software that has just been released in beta to try?

I do.

And when I say new photo editing software I mean Luminar, from Macphun. This has, up until today, been available only on Mac.

This is quite big news for all of us windows users. Especially with the demise of the Nik Collection.

THe new beta software is available to download here.

I love Lightroom, even if it has its moments and can sometimes be slow. All my images are in one catalogue in Lightroom. I do probably 75% of all my image processing work in Lightroom, with 20% in Photoshop, and the rest in other things. Other things being Nik Silver Efex Pro (which is about t fall over) and now I am playing with Snapseed on my iPad.

But I want something to use on my PC to give me not only great black and white images but also different, stylised images.

I am not sure yet if this kind of work I should do in my PC or my iPad. Snapseed has been a great one click preset app that I enjoyusing on my iPad, but I am looking for something more. I am looking for software that will give me a more polished and stylised look. The problem is I don’t know what that look is yet.

This is precisely why I am giving myself this big lump of time to work on my pictures of Santorini.

I am going to trial Luminar on these images, and compare the results with the Lightroom edits and also the luminosity mask trials using Raya Pro which I bought some time ago but have not had the chance to use yet – it needs proper time.

And by the time I get into the swing of this there will be some more new software to have a go with.

Aurora HDR is going to be released on windows in the autumn, also by Macphun with Trey Ratcliffe.

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