Night photography in Poole, Dorset

The view towards Poole Port at night from Hamworthy

The view towards Poole Port at night from Hamworthy

Night photography.

Something I have not done much of. But having thought about it the techniques I use for my general commercial photography ideally lend themselves to night photography as well. 


Firstly, I always use a tripod. Long exposure sorted. 

Secondly, I always a remote release. No shakes from me then. 

Thirdly, I always use a low ISO, so noise should not be a problem.

Actually that is not actually the case.  I could have increased the ISO quite a lot on my Canon 6D without incurring a noise penalty, purely because it is such a great low light photography camera.

This really is a great example of the need to know your cameras capabilities, strengths and limits, and using them all to your best advantage. 

Shutter speeds

I probably would have benefited from a shorter shutter speed, to make the stars sharper, if not on this image on some of the other ones. 

Next - focus.  

I often focus manually. Check that one on the low light scenario too! And now I am usnig back button focus this will help even more.

Still with me?


So I am basically geared up to doing night photogrpahy. I just need to get out and do it!! Now that really is the problem.......

Processing was a breeeze in Lightroom. And I do love the image posted above.

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