Tree sunset shot taken at Picket Post in the New Foreset, Hampshire


Sunset, Picket Post, New Forest, Hampshire

Last post from me for today. This shot was taken this week, following a very brief diversion off the A31 driving through the New Forest this week.

As someone once said, Scott Kelby I believe, if something grabs your eye stop and see what it was.

It was the sky in this case. The sunset. I literally pulled off the A31, parked up just down the road, stopped for 5 minutes and then the moment was gone so quickly.

I had time for a quick look around, took some wide shots, then went to the tree, and I managed to capture this. The tree makes the shot for - that and the sky of course.

Together they make a really captivating image, which I have to say I think I photographed rather well. Of course I would say that. But seriously, let me know what you think of this image. It has a nice feel to it, and I love the depth of colours and the textures within the image.

Taken on my 6D this time with my 70-200 lens. I took a couple of wide shots but they were rubbish to be honest. But after a quick change the telephoto worked much better.

I hope you have enjoyed the images I have posted today - please come back to my blog tomorrow for another post about something to do with me and my photograhy at

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