Time saving features in Adobe Lightroom CC - auto-stack by time

This draft I created in February 2016 would you believe! But the point is still relevant. 

This is a great time saving feature in Lightroom. If you, like me, auto-bracket your images you will end up with lots of sets of three images. If you have taken 100 actual separate pictures, that will be 300 images!

To help sort them this is where Auto Stack by Time comes in. Select all the stacked images, then choose this feature. A dialogue box pops up. I leave the time at the default 2 seconds which works fine most of the time, then accept the settings. 

Adobe Lightroom will stack the images by capture time, and if you leave the default time at 2 seconds for me it knows which images go into which stack. If you shoot more frequently than 2 seconds then you might want to adjust the time with the slider. 

Next thing I do is, with all the images selected, collapse all the stacks. Finally I check that each stack has 3 images, and that is that job done. I have stacked sets of bracketed images that I can review one by one. 

One final thing if you are doing this - if you add images to a collection on import the colllection will be all three images unstacked. The way round this is to stack the images then add to a collection, or just accept they will all be in the collection. It depends what works for you. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Time saving features in Lightroom

Wednesday 1st February 2017