Jetty black and white - weekend landscape photography

Jerry, Lake Windermere, by Rick McEvoy Landacape Photographer  

Jerry, Lake Windermere, by Rick McEvoy Landacape Photographer  

An old landscape photography picture.

Just done a note to myself to process this image using Nik Silver Efex Pro - I will do this and post the outcome.

This is a nice peaceful shot for a Sunday morning. Nothing too serious. 

I seem to be going through a landscape photography phase at the moment. Probably because I have just come to the end of a huge batch of commercialarchitectural photography work and also some industrial photography work - my two favourite areas of commercial photography work. 

Yesterday I had a strange thing happen. I was working on my laptop, and the power went. It just have been a bad strike or power surge or something like that as it killed my laptop dead. Even though the battery was on full charge. 


And more worryingly I was accessing my external hard drive at the time, which is powered from the mains. No I don't have a battery back up. Should get one. 

Happily the hard drive fired up again and all was fine apart from losing the edit in Photoshop. I had been removing all the debris left by the builders of a new, very impressive (and expensive) new private house in Poole. I am talking a lot of hose pipe, bins, plastic, and general litter. I have said this before - the problem with construction photography is timing - photographing the finished product.

So 20 minutes of careful re-touching had been lost! I just put it down as practise!! 

Sorry - how did I get there from the jetty shit? Oh yes my landscape photography phase. Not like me to digress.

Landscape photography is much more forgiving editing wise too - this edit was just moving sliders and dodging and burning. I look forward to viewing the Nik processed version.

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