10 things you cant do in Lightroom Mobile - yet!

I like Lightroom Mobile. I use the Collections feature on a daily basis, allowing me to access images from my Lightroom Catalogue on my iPhone and iPad Pro. This really is an invaluable feature that I genuinely use on a daily basis.

I do process the odd image in Lightroom Mobile, but do all my commercial work on actual Lightroom on my PC with lovely big Dell Monitor. One reason is that Lightroom was developed for the PC (yes and Mac), long before the iPad and (I think) iPhone. Lightroom Mobile is a much more recent addition, and a fantastic one at that.

And free - let's not forget that.

So it has been designed for a different platform.

Here are the 10 things that I cant do in Lightroom Mobile - it might be that I have just not found them yet?

  1. Virtual copies
  2. Keywording
  3. Change a file name
  4. Spot removal
  5. Camera profiles
  6. Transform
  7. Set the white point automatically
  8. Ditto black point
  9. Lens corrections done in the Transform Panel
  10. HDR Merge

Today is Adobe Max.

I think there is going to be some news....

Check my photography blog tomorrow and hopefully I will have some exciting Lightroom news for everyone.

See - cutting edge photography news from me!

Rick McEvoy Photography