What size memory cards do you use? I am upgrading to 32GB cards from Lexar

Every year I buy some new SD memory cards for my Canon 6D, and discard the older ones. This year I have progressed to 32GB cards from Lexar, available from Amazon.

It is amazing how the cost of memory cards has plummeted in recent years, thes cards costing me less than £25 each.

I discarded my oldest memory cards including, would you believe it, a 1GB card. Not that long ago a 1GB card would have cost a small fortune!  But now it sounds ridiculous.

This leaves me with some older 8GB cards and quite a few Lexar 16GB cards, which were the ones I was using. 

I have used Lexar Pro cards for a few years now, and happily have not had a card failure so far. I do look after my memory cards very carefully, and hope that the faultless use continues with these new, larger SD cards. 

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