What are my favourite Photoshop keyboard shortcuts?

I was just wondering - does everyone know the power of shortcuts in Photoshop? Well these are the ones that I have used to edit a photo from Santorini.

To start with Control E gets my photos from Lightroom to Photoshop

Now I am in Photoshop the first thing I do is this shortcut

Control 1 - this zooms in to 100% 

Space bar - introduces the hand tool so I can move about an image with the mouse


Home - this takes me top left in the photo

J - selects the spot healing brush.

Shift J scrolls through the different tools - this is how you get to the fantastic patch tool

Page down - scrolls down one screens worth at a time. 

S - selects the clone/ stamp tool

M - selects the Marquee tool

Control Z - this undoes something. 

L - lasso tool.

From there make a free selection and right click and up pops the content aware fill option,  This is my new favourite tool.

Control 0 - takes you back to the full image view. 

Control S saves the edited image back to Photoshop

Control W closes the image in Photoshop

One final tip for editing photos in Photoshop - make sure the work you have done looks natural, and get rid of any repeating patterns that you have introduced. 

Rick McEvoy Photography