Is My Photography Explained Podcast The Best Photography Podcast In 2022?

Is My Photography Explained Podcast The Best Photography Podcast In 2022

What a question!

The Photography Explained Podcast is the best photography podcast (created by me) in 2022. In the Photography Explained Podcast I explain one photographic thing per episode in plain English in less than 10 minutes without the irrelevant details. The aim of my podcast is to help you and I with our photography by telling you what you need to know and no more.

OK – I admit it. This is a bit of a shameless plug for my podcast. Is it the best photography podcast in 2022? Well to be fair it might be, but that is not for me to say. But I can say that it is the best podcast created by me in 2022!

And if I cannot promote myself and my work on my own website where can I?

What do you say?

Ask me a question

The point of my podcast is to answer your photography questions, not mine. So read this splendid blog post first, and then get your questions over to me please. I love answering your questions, I just need more of them!

If you don’t send me questions I have to come up with the questions myself. Episodes where I answered listeners questions have been by far the best episodes so far, and I have enjoyed doing them so much.

So send me your questions!!!

Right – I want to write about my podcast this week, for a reason. I have reached a point with everything and I want to move on to the next level in podcastland.

First, what is the photography explained podcast?

I told you in the intro to this post what my podcast is all about. It is my podcast, created by me. I write, record, edit and publish every episode all by myself. It is just me doing everything, and I love it!

And I am not going to lie to you, I am proud of what I have created. Well I am now. And you will find out what I mean by that in this post.

Why 10 minutes?

Well why not? 10 minutes seemed like a good time for me, just enough time to explain one photographic thing. And if I go beyond 10 minutes I am fine with that. 10 minutes is not a target, a cut off time, an amount of time to be filled. It is roughly how long I think that I need to explain one photographic thing properly, and in just enough detail.

This is the point really, I could spend an hour explaining any photographic thing if I wanted to, but there would be too much in there. Too much explanation. Too much info. Just too much.

See I do not want or need to know chapter and verse on everything, I just want to know what I need to know and no more. And I have always been like that. This is not a new thing!

And I hope that you feel the same way. Photography is about taking photos after all. That is the reason for photography, creating new photos.

Who am I?

Rick McEvoy
Me Rick McEvoy

I am Rick McEvoy, and I am a photographer based in the UK. I specialise in photographing buildings, architectural photography, construction photography, real estate photography. That is what I do.

And I am professionally qualified in photography and also in construction which is nice!

And I am also a podcaster, blogger, serial website creator and You Tuber.

Yep I do all this good stuff myself.

Why have I created this podcast?

Great question Rick. The podcast that I have created is the podcast that I was looking for but could not find. There was nothing out there that did what my podcast did, explained photographic things quickly, and with just enough detail to help me with my photography.

I couldn’t find this podcast so I did the only thing that I could. I created my own podcast, and here I am now!

And I am loving being the creator and all things at the Photography Explained Podcast. I really love it.

Do I really do everything?

Yes, everything. Absolutely everything. And I have a quite well refined workflow now that guides me though my process from start to end. I have simplified the process as much as I can to make it as efficient for me to create new episodes, whilst maintaining the highest possible quality. And trying to keep some fun stuff in there.

And I have had to teach myself how to do all this good stuff – when I started this thing I knew literally nothing about how to create a podcast. I didn’t know how to record audio let alone edit it. And I had no equipment.

OK, so all I have now is a microphone.

Where do I record my podcast?

In my home office. I am very fortunate to have a dedicated space where I work, which I transform into my soundproof emporium with a combination of blankets, padded coats and gaffers tape.

Photography Explained Podcast behind the scenes 16.05.2022

Yes every time I record an episode I transform my office into a sort of recording studio!

What changes have I made to my podcast?

This is why I am writing this post, which I am completely upfront and honest about as being a blog post promoting my podcast. And the reason I am doing this now is this.

When I started recording my podcast I had a title, an intro, some bullet points and an ending. I listened to an episode and was not happy with the quality, not happy with the content.

So I learned how to edit audio. I had never done this before, so I taught myself. And having done this I edited every new episode before publishing.

I leave in my mistakes, but have edited out all the bad stuff.

But what about the older episodes?

Once I had gone down the editing route, there was only ever going to be one ending to this. Yes, I edited every episode, finishing off with the introductory episode which I rerecorded last week.

Job done, every episode edited and republished. And that is why I am happy to promote my podcast now, as I am happy with the quality for the first time.

What is the quality of my podcast like?

Well the early episodes are just that, early episodes. Not the best quality but fine, and as you make your way through the episodes there are changes to the script, the beginning, the content, the end. And there is a gradual improvement in the quality of the writing, yes I went from bullet points to a full script some time ago.

And the sound quality now is the best that it has ever been, which has been interesting in itself. It is amazing what you can do with some fleecy blankets, coats and gaffers tape!

I think that the quality is pretty good, I am finally happy with it.

What is coming up on my podcast?

Now that I have got all the old episodes edited, and the quality side sorted, it is time to take my podcast to the next level. I have some great new questions coming up, and I expect that the episodes will get a little bit longer, more in the 10-15 minute range. I am finding that this is the best duration.

Sure longer episodes are more work for me, but I am fine with that. I just want to create the best podcast that I can for my listeners.

And I am toying with the idea of doing a separate, much longer episode once a month. I can start to think about things like this now that I have got that editing job done and an amount of my life back!

Where can you listen to the Photography Explained Podcast?

I would like to say all podcast providers, but that might not be the case. Certainly most of the major podcast providers, including

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


And lots, lots more

I couldn’t believe it when I first launched my podcast, using the wonderful Buzzsprout, and they published it to all these podcast services. It was a very strange experience for me.

Is there a website for the Photography Explained Podcast?

When I started out the home for the podcast was my Rick McEvoy Photography website, but some time ago I created a shiny, brand new website with the URL,

And on that website you can read all the scripts, as well as find out everything you could ever want to know about my podcast. Each episode has it’s own blog post, where you can listen to the episode, read the script and there are some other bits of stuff.

There is also the episode page, with a full listing of episodes, links to each episode page and yes you can listen to every episode direct from this page

And there is a list of things that I am going to answer, which probably needs updated. And good stuff about me too.

How you can help me grow my podcast?

Check out the start here page on the podcast website. Following my podcast is nice, and means that you never miss an episode. If you like my podcast and are happy to leave a review than I will be most grateful.

And telling anyone who you think might enjoy my podcast will be very helpful to me. If you just tell one person about my podcast then you are helping me so much.

Social media

I have just started an Instagram account for the podcast, called photographyeexplainedpodcast. Well what else was I going to call it?

And I will be sharing updates on my podcast, and starting from the beginning with shares and visual soundbites which I have just finished creating.

And I even have a You Tube channel for the podcast, where I upload a weekly audio soundbite. Is there any point to this? I am not sure to be honest, but it is good to try new stuff.

Related reading

Well it is all on my Photography Explained Podcast website to be honest.

Related listening

Simple. Just find the Photography Explained Podcast on all good podcast providers, or on the podcast website.

Related viewing

Yes there is also a video for this blog post which you can watch here on my You Tube channel.

One thing that you can do to help me

Ask me a question, or questions. That is really all I ask of you. OK as well as liking, rating, reviewing, telling everyone about my podcast. Apart from that lot, this is all that I ask of you.

Send me a question, which I will answer. And I will give you a lovely shout out or two on that episode, as well as providing a splendid answer to your lovely question.

Any questions get in touch via my website. It would be great to hear from you.

Cheers from me Rick

Rick McEvoy
Rick McEvoy Photography
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Rick McEvoy

I am Rick McEvoy, an architectural and construction photographer living and working in the South of England. I create high quality architectural photography and construction photography imagery of the built environment for architects and commercial clients. I do not photograph weddings, families, small people or pets - anything that is alive, moves or might not do as I ask!! I am also the creator of the Photography Explained Podcast, available on all major podcast providers. I have a blog on my website where I write about my work and photography stuff. Rick McEvoy ABIPP, MCIOB

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