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The first photo taken with my new Olympus camera – a lovely Dorset winter morning

Olympus EM10 Mk 2
 The first photo taken with my new Olympus camera
The first photo taken with my new Olympus camera

I took this photo yesterday morning. A lovely wintry Dorset morning scene.

I took a few test shots in my house, but this is the first photo taken with my new Olympus camera that I have processed using Lightroom and Aurora HDR.

Why the new camera?

A long story which I will get into on Monday. Today is all about one photo I took yesterday.

I was driving down a side road when I saw this gate, which looked interesting.

Break out the new camera!

I got out and took a few shots with the Olympus, which is actually an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark ii. I will call it my Olympus camera from now on for ease and my personal sanity!

So I took the photo, imported it into Lightroom and then sent it straight over to Aurora HDR 2019.

And what a lovely image the Olympus camera has captured.

Me and micro four thirds

On Monday I will publish this image on my blog, unedited and edited. And then explain why I am trialling the Olympus camera.

And then I will get on to the big test.

Canon 6D v OM-D E-M10 Mark ii v iPhone XS

And for this I will be taking exactly the same photo with both cameras, and comparing them.

And I have to tell you I can’t wait to do this. More on that next week and in the next three months.

For now I am really pleased with this image – the lesson in this post is to keep your eyes out for interesting things, and also what is happening with the light.

And having a camera in my glovebox makes a massive difference believe it or not!

I am back to taking photos for me

I finding myself stopping more and more to look at things that are potentially interesting again – and that is the other point.

Do stop to have a proper look at something.

I found a place I could pull over safely and get out to view this scene. I had a feeling that the sun was n its way, so I sat back in my car and waited and sure enough the sun did appear briefly. When it did I was stood there ready and waiting with my Olympus camera, and got this photo, which I really like.

Until Monday – enjoy the snow!

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