A new look to my photography home page - a new set of 10 images


It’s the 1st October 2016. Time for a refresh of my website home page. I have just done this, and the changes are live now for all to see. Head over to my home page to see a new set of 10 images at www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk

Not all new images, but a new set of 10 images which work well together. 5 internal shots. 5 external shots.

The images are all architectural photography images.

Why have I concentrated on this one area of my photographic work?

Simple. I am an architectural photographer. I specialise in photographing buildings.

I do other genres of photography, but photographing buildings in all their forms is my specialism. This is where I carry out most of my commercial photography work.

And thankfully photographing buildings is the thing I enjoy photographing the most.

It’s a good job I like what I do isn’t it!

The images on my home page are mainly commercial images, produced for various clients.

I have processed all the images myself, so I can say that they are all 100% my own work. I have processed the images using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

All the images you can find in my latest architectural photography portfolio, which I have recently completed.

I also have an identical set of black and white versions of each of the images on my home page, which I will add to my website in a new gallery shortly.

I hope you enjoy the new images, and find the new text about me and my commercial photography services interesting and informative.

Please get back to me with any questions via my website, where you can find all my contact details on my home page www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk or my contact page which is www.rickmcevoyphotography.co.uk/contact

Thanks for reading this post, and please call back again tomorrow for another new black and white architectural photography image.

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Saturday 1st October 2016