Nik SIlver Efex Pro - what have I learnt in my trial with new black and white architectural photography work?

Nik Silver Efex Pro – what have I learnt from the last two weeks?

Firstly, that I love this software.

The presets are incredibly powerful, and I reckon that in 50% of my images just the preset alone is enough.

I like the toning feature, and the fact that you can scroll down the 22 different toning treatments and the effect is instant.

The reason I have not used toning much is because I want consistency within an image set, and toning makes things different. Not the adjustment for coming up with a set of 12 black and white architectural photography images.

I absolutely love the filters - they really do make a massive difference. And in an instant.

I reckon going through my favourite presets then applying a filter might be all I need to do, for non-portfolio images, giving me a quick and slick black and white conversion process.

What don’t I like?

Control points. Too fiddly. I like doing local adjustments using the brushes in Lightroom. Maybe I just need to give them time, but I am really after a quick conversion.

And the fact you have to select “edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments” every time, after selecting edit in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Beyond that it really is down to time. How much time are you prepared to spend on an image?

I love the fact that I can choose a preset, add a colour filter and be done with. I am going to have a go at this with a load of architectural images and see what comes up.

I am clearly not stopping at 12 black and white architectural photography images – there will be a few more. How many I really don’t know but now I am going to have a play with my two step black and white production workflow!!

So by the time you read this blog post you will have seen a few black and white pictures of London on my blog - please keep popping back to see what new work I have posted.


Rick McEvoy Photography

14th July 2016