My Photography Blog - a post about my progression as a photography blogger in 2016


My Photography Blog – how is it going?

I have committed to posting to my blog every day, and have managed to do so since January 2016.

It is now August, so that is 7 months of posts every day.

Yes, every day.

Am I getting the rewards that I was hoping for? Lots of readers. Lots of subscribers?


This is not a quick fix. This is building solid foundations as the base for my future website growth.

I have heard from a number of eminent if not famous photographers that those who become successful stick with it. You start off writing and no-one is reading. And most people at some point give up.

But for the ones who don’t? Well time will tell, and I hope that I can maintain this content production long term and look forward to seeing the benefits of all this work.

And what have I learnt from my blog?

Well for a start off this post was about my portfolio and my blog, but I had the realisation that there were two separate subjects, even if they were both a pause for review. So they each warranted a separate post. Saves me a job one day, and means I can focus on each in turn.

Focus. Concentrate on one thing. I achieve so much more when I do this. The advances in my writing and my image processing have been huge.

Structure. I schedule posts days in advance using the App on my IPhone and IPad, as well as web based work on my PC.

I add images in a systematic way. Everything lives in my office on an external hard drive. Edited work is saved to Collections in Lightroom Mobile, then added to the camera roll on my phone. From there I add to blog posts, and to any other external site I want to. I write the text on my IPad as I am processing images.

I have an endless source of subjects, all sat there in drafts or in a list of blog post ideas. This is a list that is constantly being added to.

It is hard work. It might not look much, but every day I produce something. And not just anything. This is all about producing consistent, high quality content about one for of photography or another.

I need to get smarter and more efficient with my posts, so you will see a change in the content shortly.

Thanks for reading this post – please let me know what you think pf the content of my blog and if there is anything you will like me to write about just let me know.


Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Wednesday 17th August 2016