Is Lightroom Classic quicker? Here is the evidence

Yesterday I was working on a set of pictures from an architectural shoot at a fantastic Dorset wedding venue, Sopley Mill.

I took the photos as the venue was being set up for a wedding, giving me the interior set-up I needed.

The shoot went all fine, and then it was back to Lightroom Classic to import the photos and, basically, see what happened.

And check this out.

Screenshot of Lightroom Classic working very hard indeed

Screenshot of Lightroom Classic working very hard indeed

49 HDR Merges at once.


Unheard of. 

To me this is significant. 

Once I have sorted through a set of images from a shoot I have the tedious task of carrying out a number of HDR Merges.

With old Lightroom sometimes I could do ten at once, sometimes one at once.

This requires me to be sat in front of my computer spending lots of time waiting. And once completed often images would have been missed.

It was quite frankly a painful process to have to endure. 

But now things are different.

I managed to get 49 HDR Merges running at once.

Of course the actual merging takes time, but I now know that I can set a full shoot running and go and do something else, which is a huge time saver to me. 

And all 49 image pairs were actually merged. 

Is Lightroom Classic quicker? 

Yes. A lot quicker

Good news. 

Rick McEvoy Photography