Is Lightroom Classic quicker? And what is going on with Photoshop?

I have just completed a large architectural photography commission spanning four counties and 10 locations. The shoot was commissioned by an architect.

Everything went really well, and I really enjoyed this commission.

The only downside was that I had to endure the shortcomings of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC, which between them caused me endless problems, lost time, missed deadlines and huge heaps of frustration.

The question is this – where do I go from here?

If Photoshop and Lightroom were working consistently and with the new speed improvements promised by the release of Lightroom Classic I would not be considering going anywhere else.

When it works I love Lightroom. And it has worked fine since Lightroom Classic was released, but there are times when it slows down to a grinding halt. Last night at 10.30pm having slaved over 30 images for several hours over several days my PC finally and completely crashed – this was caused by Lightroom and/ or Photoshop – I know this as nothing else was open

Seriously 10.30 at night and this happened.

So I rebooted everything, started Lightroom and Photoshop and off I went again processing images as though nothing had happened.

What is going on?

What has happened to Photoshop?

The question is this -  what do I do next? Something needs to change here.

My options are as follows.

Switch to the Lightroom CC

Not an option as I wrote about earlier on this week - check out this blog post for the headline reasons why Lightroom CC is not an option for me.

Go back a version of Lightroom.

Now this is not a bad option. I of course shouldn’t have to do this, and need to remember the reason I went for the Lightroom Classic upgrade (if I can call it that) was that I was having so many problems with the previous version of Lightroom that I was desperate for a quick fix to help me do my work.

Get rid of Lightroom altogether

Failing that I get rid of Lightroom altogether and go with something else – this I really do not want to do, especially as I need Photoshop for my architectural photography work. I use it on every image.

And the small matter of having nearly 60,000 photographs in a Lightroom Catalogue with all that metadata attached to lots and lots of files.

  • Edit data
  • Keywords
  • Titles and captions
  • Ratings

I really don’t want to start again with something else.

So what am I going to do?

I am going to get in touch with Adobe and ask them. Lets see what they say?

Seems like a logical starting place before embarking on a significant change to the core and day to day management and workings of my photography business.

Rick McEvoy Photography