How are Lightroom Classic and Photoshop 2018 this morning? Not too good I’m disappointed to have to report.

This is todays experience using Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC.

I am trying to complete a set of images from an architectural photography shoot.

This morning has not been a good experience.

  • Unpredictable.
  • Slow.
  • Works fine then just stop responding. 
  • Liveable with - at times. 
  • Then it just hangs, 
  • And I did not get the job done.

Generally - at times ok, at times not ok - why is this happening with a brand new version?

I am a fan of Lightroom and Photoshop. And Adobe come to that. I have no anti-Adobe agenda here. 

But after the major update it is still not good enough.

It is useable but still slow - that is my summary today having tried to complete an architectural photography edit, which has taken so long to process I am simply losing money. 

I am spending too much time waiting for “Reading camera RAW Format” and “Lightroom Not Responding” on my screen - so much so I am writing this while I wait. 


The longer I use Photoshop the slower it appears to get, taking forever to load images from Lightroom and even longer to save them back. 

This is meant to be slick. 

And lets not forget, I am editing photographs taken on my Canon 6D, hardly the biggest megapixel count DSLR on the planet now is it? 

Photoshop appears to be the main problem. I am only going into Photoshop as I hate the spot removal tool in Lightroom so much. And need to do a bit more than spot removal to be fair.

So how long does it take to open a photo from Lightroom in Photoshop?

Well I thought I would try a scientific experiment but guess what - I right clicked on an image in Lightroom and nothing happened at all!! 

So I tried again, and guess how long it took? 

1 second? 




46 seconds. 

Really Adobe? 

And after that there is a further wait before you can actually work on a photo. 

Photoshop is asking me to save images in Lightroom that I have ready saved there. Not good today. And the biggest worry is what can I do about this?

Nothing. What alternative is there? 

That is the problem. 

So I just keep on paying the money and suffering. 

I am going to contact Adobe about this thinking about it - it is just not good enough. 

OK - done that - will let you know if they get back to me. And hope that tomorrow is a better day.....

Rick McEvoy Photography