10 reasons why you shoud hire me to take photographs for you

Why should you hire me? What makes me different?

I will try to convince you in 10 short points. Well 10 plus the pictures on my website.

1 - I am professionally qualified in photography and construction.

2 - I have over 30 years experience in industry.

3 - I enjoy meeting and dealing with people. I’m a people person and a nice guy.

4 - I enjoy my photography.

5 - I take great pride in the service I provide.

6 - I work hard at my photography.

7 - I work even harder at my business and my clients.

8 - I only work on bespoke commissions.

9 - I have a good eye for a picture.

10 - I am technically very skilled.

If that has not convinced you then please pick up the phone and talk to me. Or email me. Or get in touch via the contact page on my website. And have a look at the photographs on my website.

By the way, this is the order I thought of these 10 things. The technical part was the last one.

I need to say here that if you are looking for the photographer who offers you the cheapest price then you have the wrong man. I work on bespoke, individually commissioned projects.

You are not hiring someone holding a camera when you hire me - you are hiring me, my personality and my experience. And my camera and all that other stuff of course!

I have worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. I have been interested in photography longer than that.

I have a very broad range of commercial, industrial and technical experiences.

I have dealt with a huge range of different people in that time.

If you want to know about the cameras I use, or how I process my images then get in touch whichever way you want. But to be honest most non-photographers are not that bothered.

Quite right.

It is the images that matter.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Professional Photographer

Tuesday 18th April 2017