Getting my daily blog posts back on track – a brief rethink and regroup

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be not working? I had one the other day.

Lightroom was slow. Photoshop was a nightmare. My PC seemed to be creaking. Then Excel joined the not working party.

And I was hardly on top form myself.

All of which resulted in lots of frustrating, unproductive work.

So this Monday morning I am going to stop and put things back together again. Starting with the schedule of what and when. I also need to get on top of my camera roll, using those things called folders, and also get back the consistency of images I post on social media.

The starting point is my schedule, which is a simple Excel Spreadsheet. So I was delighted this morning to fire up Excel to find it did not work. I shut it down and relaunched it and thankfully everything was just fine.

I have my schedule in front of me now. Good start.

I need to conclude my Dorset Photographer web page. This week.

Tomorrow I will start on the re-edits, and post all the outstanding images.

I will get this done and dusted for a final wrap up on Friday of this week.

Saturday I will post a rare picture of me at work, and then there are twelve days all about the images you can see on my construction product photographer page.

Oh yes and once a month I am going to go back a year in time and see what I was writing about on that day. That can be Sunday of this week. Why not??

And then I move onto something completely different for a good 6 weeks. Yes 6 weeks on one subject, which I am rather excited about I have to say.

So after this little break, and missing a post yesterday, I should be back on track right about now.



Monday 24th April 2017