An essential piece of photogrpahy gear - my pocket notebook - the same dilemma as buying a camera bag!

There are some things that I never seem to find the perfect one of. 

Camera bags is one thing. I am loving my Peak Design Everyday Backpack, but I still use other bags as well. This bag has been my go to bag ever since I got to it to be fair. I think I just need to get the 30 litre one as well, which is currently available from Amazon for £260 (at the time of writing). 

Notebooks are another thing. I have just received a "Nu Elite Prestige A7 Jotter" from Amazon - lets see how I get on with this pocket notebook costing less than a fiver. I carry a notebook with me everywhere - I am not a fan of storing notes on my phone.

MAybee it's just an age thing........ 

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Buying stuff from Amazon again.