Is Lightroom Classic faster?

Yesterday I downloaded the Lightroom 7.2 update. I was somewhat dismayed with the message that greeted me as the much reported speedier upgrade fired up.

Lightroom Classic 7.2 welcome screen

Lightroom Classic 7.2 welcome screen

As long as you have 12GB or more then you will see the benefits of the new work that Adobe have carried out with Intel (apparently).

So what about us mere mortals with 8GB RAM?

Is Lightroom Classic 7.2 faster?

I have just edited one photo from Santorini as a trial, using Lightroom and Photoshop.

And I have done all the things that I would normally do to an image, to make the test meaningful.

And Lightroom worked pretty well. Not lightning quick granted but pretty good and only one circle of doom with the dreaded "Lightroom Not Responding".

And Photoshop also had an upgrade at the same time.

The problems with Photoshop are nowhere near as widely reported as those with Lightroom, but I have been experiencing massive problems with Photoshop.

But for the image i was editing it was fine. Nice and quick.

Good news - but that was one image. Lets see how it copes with more than one image, as Lightroom had the bizarre tendency to get slower as an editing session progresseed, which I really could not get my head round!

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