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I am a professional Dorset photographer. I pride myself on providing the highest quality professional photography services in locations including Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Lilliput, Canford Cliffs and Branksome Park. I specialise in architectural, building, commercial, industrial and property photography.

My Dorset photographer page includes images taken in the county of Dorset. I also have pages specific to Bournemouth, Poole and Sandbanks, as well as a couple of other Dorset pages. This page features some of the most famous landmarks in Dorset. Some of the viewpoints are familiar, and some are a bit different.

Durdle Door is the first image in my Dorset Photographer gallery. Without doubt one of Dorset's most famous landmarks, this stunning image was taken one cold winters evening at sunset. There was just enough light to catch the detail on the rock before it disappeared into the shadows. Portland can be viewed in the background, with the sun setting over Weymouth.

Durdle Door by Dorset Photographer Rick McEvoy

Clavell Tower features next, one of my favourite locations overlooking Kimmeridge Bay. This shot was taken from some distance, with the very deliberate composition setting the recently relocated tower within its countryside setting. The natural materials in the tower are complimented by the lovely warm light.

Clavell Tower by Dorset Photographer Rick McEvoy

Lulworth Cove - all of it. To manage to capture all of Lulworth Cove in one shot is no mean feat - it is larger than a lot of people think! Another famous Dorset landmark taken from a slightly different view, with a nice warm feeling that comes from the winter sunset.

Lulworth Cove by Dorset Photographer Rick McEvoy

Portland Bill Lighthouse - another iconic Dorset landmark. This Lighthouse was brought into use in 1906, and originally was an inaccessible lighthouse. The construction of the road to it turned it into one of Dorset's most popular tourist attractions. You can find out more about the lighthouse at the Trinity House website.

Portland Bill by Dorset Photographer Rick McEvoy

Finally, the most recent addition to the list of famous Dorset Landmarks, the Olympic Rings. Made from Portland Stone, the rings have been returned back to Portland having been on view outside Weymouth railway station during the 2012 Olympics. Their new home is a spectacular location on Portland Heights.

Olympic Rings, Portland, by Dorset Photographer Rick McEvoy

Other Dorset photographs

I have an extensive catalogue of photographs taken in Dorset, both commercial photographs I have taken for clients and landscape photographs of many popular Dorset tourist locations. These images are used in stock photography, and for books, magazines, advertising and as fine art photography for the home or office. Please contact me if you require a photograph of a specific location.

Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Dorset Photographer

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