Product Photography At Home Using This £10 Amazon Accessory

I photograph buildings and places - I am not a product photographer, but needed to be rather quickly. Blimey| How do I do this?

Product photography at home was my only option. In this post I will explain to you how I used my existing camera gear and the Photo Studio Tent from Amazon to create, in three hours at home, the photos which you can see in this post.

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My New Travel Photography Blog – 10 Tips For Success

I write travel photography blogs these days. And that gave me a thought for this blog post.

What would my top 10 travel photography blog tips be? How I can help people create better blogs? It was good to think about this and the work that I have done to date. So in this post I am going to share the 10 tips that will help you and I create better travel photography blogs, and hopefully more engaging, interesting and popular travel photography blog content.

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Micro Four Thirds Explained – A Beginners Guide

What is micro four thirds photography? Well let’s find out shall we?

Micro four thirds explained. In this post I will explain to you exactly what micro four thirds actually is, why the system exists and how it differs from other camera systems. That is the sole purpose of this post. I am very much new to micro four thirds myself, so this is as much for my benefit as it is for yours!

By the end of this post you will have a much better understanding of the micro four thirds camera system. And so will I – this is stuff that I am learning too.

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Micro Four Thirds - Small Cameras For Travelling

Regular readers will know that I am investing in a new camera system.

I want to move to small cameras for travelling - and micro four thirds is my system of choice.

What is micro four thirds?

Well if I get my act together you will be able to learn all about this wonderfully compact system next week on my blog.

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My Micro Four Thirds Travel Kit – Travelling Light In Style

I am moving into the travel photography niche more and more. And also, into micro four thirds photography.

I need to come up with what will be my micro four thirds travel kit – this will be the photography gear that I use for my travel photography work. In this post I will explain what my travel photography kit is, and how and why I have selected that particular collection of kit. Travelling light in style sounds good to me!

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Is The Canon 6D Still Worth Buying In 2019?

7 years on from its release, I am asking the question “Is the Canon 6D still worth buying in 2019?”. And the answer? Of course it is - time does not make a camera rubbish. In this post I am going to tell you why the Canon 6D is still worth buying, giving you a great, economical route into full frame photography and great image capture capabilities.

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21 Photography Tips That Will Actually Make A Difference

I am going to give you 21 Photography Tips That Will Actually make A Difference in this post.  I am talking about things that really work and will genuinley help you. These are things that I have learned over many years as a photographer. These are not quick tips, some of these are ways of thinking about things differently.

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