Construction Photographer Poole

Professional photography is the best way to track the progress of building projects. Delineating the site’s progress before, during and after, it demonstrates the achievements a construction firm or architect has achieved. It also means some truly stunning images of the equipment and site, during both day and night.

Nothing reflects human progress more than the undertaking of large-scale construction projects. Many are in awe of people conjuring up stunning buildings, often from patches of derelict land. A good construction photographer will capture this sense of advancement and attainment, while maintaining a high level of technical expertise.

Are you looking for a construction photographer in Poole?

For a professional experienced in both photography and the construction industry, head straight to Rick McEvoy. Based in Dorset, he has over a quarter of a decade working in the construction industry. This has included working on site and in offices for both clients and contractors. Such experience means Rick has an eagle-eye for what constitutes the best construction shots.

Whether you’re an architect, construction company, developer, or private building owner, Rick will capture the best commercial shots you need. Fully aware of all health and safety practices, he will work safely and unobtrusively on site.

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