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On this page I have listed some blog posts which will be helpful to both construction photographers and construction clients. These posts are based only experiences working as a construction photographer in England.

I am a construction photographer based in England providing advice to clients and photographers on how to get better photos of construction sites and completed projects.

As well as taking the photos myself of course!

I hope that you find these posts helpful, and if you have any questions please get in touch with me.

After the blog posts there are some construction photos of mine which I hope you also find interesting.

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That’s all for this page, thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you.

And here is a selection of my construction photography images while you are here.

The recently completed new Theatre K at the University Hospital Southampton photographed by Rick McEvoy Photography
Photo of the recently completed new Theatre K at the University Hospital Southampton photographed for Kendall Kingscott by Rick McEvoy Photography. Main contractor for the project was Westmade Ltd
Technical site meeting on a construction site in Portsmouth
A meeting between a site manger and specialist sub contractor on a major construciton site in Portsmouth. Keepmoat Construction and Rockwool are the two parties represented in this picture
Scaffolding on a major construction site in Hampshire
Scaffolding during major refurbishment works at a Hampshire college by Rick McEvoy Photography
Sand being extracted by machines from a live working quarry in Dorset
Sand being extracted by machines from a live working quarry in Dorset by Industrial Photographer Rick McEvoy.CR2
Picture of a truck leaving a quarry in Dorset by Rick McEvoy Photography
Picture of a truck ;eaving a quarry in Dorset by Rick McEvoy Photography
Refurbished bulding in Hampshire after completion of major refurbishment works
A picture of the recently refurbished building with sensory garden. Architectural photography in Hampshire by Rick McEvoy. Picture taken for the architect Kendall Kingscott of Ringwood
Photo taken at a live rail siding gravel facility in Dorset
Photo taken at a live rail siding gravel facility in Dorset
Duomo, Florence, by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer
The stunning main facade of the magnificent Duomo in Florence, right in the heart of Tuscany
Major construction project in Portsmouth
Photo of the new cladding on a a major construction project in the centre of Portsmouth photographed for Wildwood PR acting on behalf of Rockwool who provided the insulation
Construction Photography Essential 1 – Yes this is my personally branded high vis
My site boots
Construction Photography Essential 2 -My site boots
You will need one of these!
Construction Photography Essential 3 -My hard hat

Yes the last photo is me looking rather weird with my short peaked hard hat – an invaluable tweak from the standard hard hat that stops you getting your eye to the viewfinder!

And that top tip is your reward for getting this far down the page.

And finally a bit about me.

I am a a construction photographer based in the South of England.

If you want to work with then please visit my Work With Me page. Or you can hit the Work With Me tile on my home page.

I am professionally qualified in both construction and photography, and can offer years and years of experience in both industries to help you get the photos you need of your construction project.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website, and I look forward very much to hearing from you.

Rick McEvoy MCIOB, ABIPP – Construction Photographer